Halloweens Past

I was going to have a cool post about all my costumes from the past several October 31sts...then I quickly realized, I haven't put much effort into dressing up. Enjoy what I was able to find, thanks to my Facebook!

2008 - Obviously, my freshman year of college (peace-fingers and pouty-lips...puh-leeease!). We hosted a carnival at our dorm, so I was excited about being a part of it in my bee costume. 

It also happens to be the same night I got in my first picture with a certain guy I had just met the week before...you know, that same guy I'll be marrying in less than a month :)

2009 - I dressed up twice this year, so it'll give me some rollover points :) First up was the zombie event we had on campus at UNT. We got our makeup done by some talented artists and walked through campus, as zombies, chasing regular people and making a funny film. 

We saved our pretty faces for a "zombie wedding" event on campus later that night.

2009 - I was also involved in planning the annual Victory Hall CarnEVIL this year, so I had to be festive. I dressed up as a "smooth criminal" (my favorite Michael Jackson song) using some creative pieces from Goodwill. I loved my outfit, even if no one really knew what I was!

2010 - I didn't have a costume this year :| However, I did drag my boyfriend to a pumpkin patch, so that's very Halloween-y of me, right? We had a great time being together, but agreed that it isn't much fun. You need kids to enjoy a place like that!

2011 - I do not have any pictures of Halloween last year and that's simply because I was too busy to celebrate. I had been to Austin with the Ad Club, planned and thrown a lingerie shower over the weekend, I was in classes all day and was swamped with projects, essays, presentations and group work. It was my graduation semester, so I was just trying to get a diploma, y'all. 

2012 - I substitute taught at the high school this afternoon and they weren't allowed to dress up. I was pretty bummed because I've had this crayon costume since last year (when I was too busy to dress-up) and I thought I'd be able to finally wear it somewhere! Regardless, I did wear a "boo" sweatshirt to school that I bought last year (in November, 50% off).

 Then I came home and immediately put on my Black Crayon outfit. I didn't have anywhere to go, but I was just too anxious to show it off. I couldn't wait another whole year....but, I'll probably wear it SOMEWHERE next year. Hint, hint, future-husband!

Can't wait to see all of your costumes from today :) Hope you all have a very happy Halloween!