Family Thanksgiving

While we are in the car a lot of the time for Thanksgiving break, it is so nice to be able to see family and have a great time. As November winds down (can you believe that?), I just couldn't help glancing back through my pictures from last week and being absolutely grateful for the people in my life that I get to share holidays with. 

My cousins and I are on our 12th year of getting our group photo taken. It used to be a super secret, casual thing we did with a tripod and self timer during Thanksgiving (and we'd print it as a Christmas gift to our grandma), then it turned into this huge family tradition. Rain or shine, Boyd family photos get taken each year, almost always on Thanksgiving. 


We went to a little alley in my parent's hometown to use one of our favorite walls for this year's photos. We had our photo shoot there in 2011 too and it seemed like the perfect time to go back, especially with the two newer members of our family (my husband and brother-in-law). 

I think our photo shoots get a little shorter every year since we've added some more guys to the bunch and they tend to be "SO hungry" when we're out on our little adventure. So, it was back to the kitchen (as quickly as possible), where we finished cooking the food, decorated with some of my after-Halloween clearance haul and where we played the "Beans, Green, Potatoes, Tomatoes" remix way too many times. 

Just like the day he was born, my dad's birthday fell on Thanksgiving Day. The big 5-0! Gran likes to tell us that my grandpa bought a brand new color tv for the Cowboys game on that day in '66, but had to spend the day at the hospital instead. She insists he didn't it mind, though! 

Goodbye, November. See you again soon.