Boyd Family Thanksgiving

Every year, my Dad's brothers and their families meet up at my grandma's house for Thanksgiving. Before we feast, we hit the town for some family portraits. It's become a tradition that is 4 years strong.

I have a tripod and a remote control, so I don't have to run around using self-timer anymore like I did in years past. I was the sweaty one in all the old photos :)

This is at the San Augustine County courthouse where my grandma works. She has lived in San Augustine for quite some time. My Dad and uncles were all raised here.

We probably weren't supposed to climb on local monuments, but we just couldn't resist. The happy brothers skipping just like old times :D

The Boyd family spent a lot of time here at Nelsyn's Furniture Store, where my Poppy Jim worked for many years.

You can't find cell service anywhere in this town...wifi either. Grandmas will probably start banning cell phone use during all holiday festivities :D 

Mom and Dad kissing. Never becomes un-gross :)

Here's me and my family:

I'm the second-shortest of all the cousins, but also the oldest. It's hard being 5'2"

My cousins with their siblings:

Bet you couldn't guess this was my Mom? We live nearly 3 hours apart and still accidentally dye our hair the same color every time :)

After all the picture-taking, we feast.

Happy Thanksgiving :)