'Tis the Season

It's that time of year! Although my bedroom has had a tree since Halloween, it's now socially acceptable to have Christmas decorations all over the apartment. My roommates and I painted our living room red this summer and it definitely made all Christmas decorations look even better. 

I was inspired to make this ornament frame after seeing something similar from Better Homes and Gardens. This is why I'm so addicted to Pinterest...amazing ideas to try for every occasion. 

The idea for hanging ornaments over our dining room table came from a Pinterest post too. This tutorial was a great idea, but instead on doing it over our window I chose to tweak the idea and just make a hanging collage over our whole dining room using white tacks, fishing line and ornaments. 

The glitter stocking charms were just $1 each at WalMart. It took me a while to find the letters to represent each of my roommates (I think the Black Friday crowd had mixed them all up) but eventually I got the E, L, C and S that I needed. These pretty stockings were from The Dollar Tree. If you're doing any holiday decor shopping, that needs to be your first stop!

In addition to my beautiful stockings, I got plenty of great wrapping paper at The Dollar Tree. I got these three different patterns in shades of red. I've wrapped all these gifts and haven't even used half of the rolls.