Valentine's Day with the Girls

Valentine's Day has always been my favorite holiday. I was single for 18 years, so I don't really understand the super-depression that some people have during this day. There are chocolates galore, no need to be sad!

My Valentine's Day started on the 13th with a girl's night out to the Movie Tavern. It's our favorite place for dinner & a movie, especially on $3 nights. We went to see The Vow, which we'd all been anxious to see it since we saw the preview months ago. It ended up not being our favorite movie (expectations were too high), but it was still a fun time, being with 4 of my great friends. 

The 14th, it was time for Valentine's at The Blue Light, my apartment that I share with 3 girls. They all received a tweet in the morning with a "breakfast is served" message & a pic of our dining table:

All of my decorations are from various places (Walmart, Dollar Tree, Target, etc) from the past few years. I usually do all of my Valentine's decor shopping February 15-18th. So, everything was probably half-price and it doesn't really go out of style from year to year. If it's pink and red, it gets bought :)

I thought these strawberry Crush bottles were a cute edition to the table, especially on a love holiday. My "girl-crushes" each got soda and a heart-glass to pour it into. 

It wouldn't have been able to be called "breakfast" without at least one breakfast item (nutter butters, soda and candy really doesn't cut it). I filled my new spiral cupcake stand with strawberry muffins in pink and red cupcake holders. Then, it was a "real" breakfast :)

Then I baked a bit more the rest of the morning. Cupcakes and mini cupcakes for my boyfriend's roommate and a few more of my girl friends. Yummy.