Valentine's Day

With a fun-filled Monday the 13th and morning of the 14th, I had a little bit more love to go around for the rest of Valentine's Day. The afternoon and evening was spent with my handsome boyfriend on our 3rd Love Day together :]

I know he doesn't understand it and definitely doesn't love hanging out there as much as I do, but props to him for letting me spend an hour or so browsing through my favorite place on Earth...IKEA :D

One day when I have a place of my own, I'm probably just going to go buy a whole room at IKEA.

I love everything there. Everything. I could spend a whole lot longer just browsing through their rooms. Lucky for Coach, that's what their website and catalogs are for :D

Looks so innocent, even with a skillet in his hand. 

When we went through the maze, we said goodbye to IKEA and headed to The Cheesecake Factory

I think he secretly hates when I takes pictures before our meals, but he always lets me do it anyway. 

(PS: The couple behind him was an interracial couple in their 50's or so. Which I loved! They were so cute and it was a beautiful thing to see on Valentine's Day.)

Coach made us order for one another, since we always end up ordering the same thing every time we go. The rules were: 1. Don't order the "usual." 2. Don't try to order anything like the "usual." 3. You must not ask any questions. Well, I hated this game because I was scared I would get something he wouldn't like. I ended up giving him two options because I couldn't decide on just one thing. 

My meal was great...until the next morning...

I really don't blame the meal, but my body definitely hated something I ate. I spent the next 24-hours curled up on my couch with nothing in my stomach but the few crackers and sips of Powerade that my body would keep. I couldn't even use my computer, which is usually a small plus of being sick (being able to pin all day). The screen was too much and made me a little more dizzy. The only thing I could bare to do was sleep and watch a little TV, off and on.

I'm thankful for my man, who brought me medicines and drinks and my best friends for checking on me throughout the day and not kicking me out of our living room, even though I was so pathetic :) I love you all.