Leap Day Picnic

I just had to do something special today because it's Leap Day! I've always thought it was like the coolest "holiday" just because it doesn't happen but one time every four years. I wished it was my birthday, so I could be that person that said they've only had 4 birthdays, when they turn sweet 16. Maybe I'll try to plan it out for my own kids. They'd probably hate me! 

Anyway, an extra day had to be extra special. 

Since we're having the most beautiful winter in Texas ever (low 70s, sunny and perfect), my boyfriend and I decided to head outside and fly some kites. We went to the "backyard" of our old residence hall on campus for a picnic of Subway and Oreos. 

It was the last day of FebruANY, where all footlongs are $5, so we went got sandwiches PLUS they gave away free cookies in honor of Leap Day :)

When we went to get our kites, I had to check the grocery side and see if they had the special Oreos that a friend had recently given to me. I had to buy some for myself! They are the 100th birthday Oreos and the icing has been replaced with a birthday-cake-flavored icing. They are delicious. Taste just like dunkaroos!

Although my kite was really cute, it definitely didn't fly as well as his. Mine was much more comfortable being on the ground, unfortunately. 

Along with the kites, we bought a little flying Batman glider. We threw him back and forth and he floated much better than my poor kite!

 Hope you guys also celebrated having an extra day in the year :)