Dorm Room Designs

I love the idea that MONICA had for a throwback Thursday segment. I don't know if I'll participate all the time, but I sure love going through my old pictures, so I may just have to. 

I was looking through my old Facebook albums and found pictures of my Freshman and Sophomore dorm rooms. I lived in a single room and shared a bathroom with one of my friends, during the school year. Victory Hall will always be my first independent home :)

Freshman year, I was all about eggplant. I had the curtain, the pillow, the towel, the blanket all to match. 

Sophomore year, I changed it up a bit. I put quite a lot more on my walls and added some green into the mix. All those wall-hangings were a regret when I changed floors mid-semester. But, they still looked cute!

The summer of my Sophomore year, my friends and I moved into College Inn while we took our summer classes. Now I was sharing a room with a friend and sharing a bathroom (a tiny, tiny bathroom) with 3 other girls. It was very different from Victory, but I did love it. Especially, our walk-in closets!