A Hunger Games Obsession

I absolutely love pop culture and I love fads. I don't care how silly or weird some of these series that cause epic fandom are. The truth is, series are fun to be a part of. Twilight is absolutely ridiculous, but I've been in a theater seat every time a new one comes out. Really,  up until this point I've only been a movie-series fan...didn't care to much for the books.....any books. 

Living with my best friends, who LOVE to read (I'm talking, Harry Potter fanatics), has finally broken me down. One of my new year's resolutions is to read 3 books. I started The Hunger Games back in January and faded off somewhere between chapters 3 and 4. Well, finally my roommates started reading the Hunger Games and, feeling left-out, I had to get back to reading. Once I got through the first half of the book (can you tell I hate reading?) I started to love it. A lot of action and crazy story line. 

I still can't say I enjoyed the fact that I read the book, I just feel like it takes up so much time! However, I did enjoy the contents of it. Now I can't stop. (Ever read a book a part of a series? They aren't meant to just stop at book 1). So, now I have to read Catching Fire, of course. I also hear that that one ends in a cliffhanger, so I guess I may just get my 3 books read in month three of 2012!

Becoming a part of the fandom, I went online and got my ID card. I'm a proud Concrete Finisher from District 2. Ha. We are known for masonry and the Peacekeepers are trained in our district. We're also pretty good allies with The Capitol and wealthy because of it. Am I nerdy enough yet?

Well, If not enough, there's much more. I've been browsing everything on Tumblr about The Hunger Games (and reblogging half of it). I saw a post about the Capitol Couture site, which has a lot of fun contests and runs as if giving people the news about the current fashions in the Capitol. It's entertaining for a closeted fashionista like myself. 

Well, I decided to enter the newest contest, Kiss & Make-Up. It resulted in me making a fool of myself by experimenting with makeup and taking the most ridiculous self-portraits I've ever taken. 

But, I finally got the look I semi-wanted and submitted it into the contest. White/silver colors represent the concrete masonry that District 2 is known for. Glitter represents the femininity of the female tribute & her headband & under-eye smudges represent the warrior mentality of a volunteer tribute. 

One last silly piece of fandom. I saw that China Glaze has a limited time nail polish collection just for the Hunger Games. Call me a sucker for great marketing, or just a lover of pretty colors, but I made my way to Sally's Beauty and bought a few of the prettiest ones I saw.

Yes, I will be one of those 20-somethings in a Hunger Games tshirt, waiting 3 hours in line to see it at midnight. Get over it. I'm not ashamed of myself!