Finally Got To Catch Some Fire

If you remember my teenage-like-obsession with Hunger Games and what I wore to the last premiere, you'll realize that I was the MOST excited last night. My friends and I scored tickets to the 8:00pm showing, so, yes we were one of the firsts to see it big deal. 

I have been saving a 2-sizes-too-big 90% off clearance Katniss costume sine 2012 for this very day, so here's what I put together to wear for the premiere. District 12 shirt (dress), husband's black belt, tights, faux-converse and a mockingjay pin. 

And I'm so jealous of the Katniss-braid that Lupita had...because my hair never grows! Bummer.

We got in line about two hours before the movie started and enjoyed plenty of food before it began. We love our adventures at The Movie Tavern. The movie was very accurate to the book...Did you hear that, people? I actually read this book. Haven't read one sense then, but I did read this one (and it was my favorite). We absolutely loved the accuracies of the film adaption. Even our friend Pam, who hasn't read the books yet, loved it...except the ending, of course. Super cliffhanger. 

Hope you all get to see and enjoy it SOON!