Anniversary I

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary all weekend and even took off work on Monday to spend "our day" together: an "anniversarymoon," if you will. I told Coach last night once we finally got back home that I feel like we just had been eating food for 2 days straight...which, is totally fine, am I right?

Instead of staying at our wedding night hotel, NYLO South Side, we decided to stay at the NYLO Legacy in Plano. It's pretty close to our apartment, but having a little getaway was still so nice. We loved this NYLO just as much as the last one. It's made us rethink our whole future house dreams. We wouldn't mind living in an exposed-brick loft instead!

The rooms are filled with modern details in every corner, but the lobby has some really extraordinary pieces too. This egg chair was one of our favorites. Coach just had to swing on it for a while. 

Our first night out, we went just a few blocks down the road to Pei Wei. I usually don't love what I get there, just because I hadn't found my thing yet. Well, I've found it. Japanese Teriyaki bowl on brown rice. It was so delicious, I'll probably never order anything else!

Even though we took off of work, Coach forget to unset his alarm. However, we got to see the sun rise outside of our room's 3rd-floor window, so that was a little added bonus. 

Our hotel package included a breakfast buffet. Coach started without me since I was on the phone, confirming I had gotten the job I interviewed for last Friday! So, that made it a super-exciting breakfast for sure. Plus, I had a hash-brown that definitely looked like a dolphin, which would make any morning fantastic. 

Before we left our hotel room, I forced Coach to traditionally eat a piece of the top tier of our wedding cake. Yes, the actual cake from an entire year ago. I've heard both horror stories and delicious stories, but he was not happy about trying it at all. I'm sure if we had Googled around and learned how to properly thaw it out, it would have been perfect. Though, the lack of preparation on our part made one bite just enough. 

Regardless, how precious does our new topper look?

I knew he may have some kind of reaction, so I made sure to record it. I didn't know that the episode of Bones we were watching would seem way more important right at the moment of taste-test. Gah! See my easily-distracted man, in action, for yourself:

Once we said goodbye to our lovely loft, we spent the afternoon shopping around at the mall and testing future furniture hopefuls at IKEA. We fell in love with the comfort and size of Kivik, so that may just be a new addition to our living room sometime in the new year. 

Dinner that evening was spent at one of our all-time favorites, The Cheesecake Factory. With so many menu options, there's always something new to try...even though we usually stick to a burger and jambalaya. And, of course, he couldn't leave without some cheesecake. 

Then, there was a little surprise from my sweet husband. I knew he wanted to take me to Sprinkles Cupcakes, but I didn't know what would be waiting for us when we arrived. He had created a custom box, just for us, a few days ago. They were paid for and ready when we got there. What a cutie!

Rounding out the evening, we attended an advanced screening of Delivery Man. We really enjoyed it. I hope I get chosen for more tickets in the future. Seeing movies before the rest of the country is kind of flattering. Too bad it wasn't Catching Fire, though, right?

It's official: Anniversaries are pretty cool, you guys.