A Happy 1st Anniversary

An entire year has flown by since my husband and I said, "We do." Trying to put our first year into a few words is way too hard. It's been beautiful, fast, annoying, stressful, hard, easy, fun, and hilarious, sometimes all on the same day. I don't know when we're supposed to lose the title of "newlyweds," but I'm not letting it go anytime soon. Now that we're past the shock of moving in and seeing one another every single day (quite the adjustment, if you're not familiar), I feel like we're more newlywedded than ever. 

We're having our anniversarymoon (did I just coin a new word?) at a NYLO hotel and I'll be sure to post tons of pictures when I'm back at home and into the daily routine again. Until then, here's a sneak peek: 

Recognize our anniversary clothing choices? 

May have seen them on this evening, a year ago: