DIY Backdrop: Fabric

Somehow in the madness of the wedding set up process, my photo booth backdrop didn't get put up (another reason to invest in a day-of planner, folks). For the few months before our wedding, I worked so hard cutting up different fabrics in our color scheme. I searched far and wide for the different textures and colors. Thrift store sheets, fabric stores, everywhere in-between.

At our wedding, a nice little black and sparkly fabric piece was left up from the wedding before ours, so that's what got in most of the photo booth photos...yikes! So, I just changed all the images to black and white since the background didn't fit our big day, at all. 

Just to give those fabric strips the use they deserve, we gave the wedding photo booth a little "redo" this weekend. Here's what it was meant to look like:

Now, what to do with all these fabric strips?