Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Attention holiday shoppers, Christmas is one month away! To control panic, I've categorized parts of my Amazon Store by the type of people you'll be shopping. Now you don't have to look very hard (or fight the store crowds) for all the gifts you need. Today, I'm helping you out with the teen (girls) in your life...these ideas are straight from actual teenagers I know. So, they're legit:

TECHIES | Have you seen a teen without a phone in their hand? Never. That's why getting them portable battery chargers or stylish new phone cases will get you plenty of major brownie points! (also, if you bring a plate of brownies, I bet that'll go over pretty well too). 

PRETTY PIECES | Teens have a much bigger fashion sense than I ever did growing up...I guess it's those daily selfies they take? They appreciate pretty accessories like customized gold bracelets and plaid scarves. They probably want to try out the Kylie Jenner lip theory with some matte red lipstick too: is it makeup? is it not? Let them decide!

BAND LOVE | If Five Seconds of Summer tickets aren't in your budget (I've been told that's all anyone really, really, really wants!), might as well give the gift of all-things boy bands with Seventeen magazine or button accessories to constantly admire their singing favs. 

See gifts like these and tons more in my Amazon Store's "for the teenager" section. Happy shopping!
(PS: save tons on shipping when you become an Amazon Prime member. Totally worth it!)

Check back tomorrow for more gift ideas!

Disclosure: Links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. I benefit from clicks and/or purchases. Opinions are always 100% my own.


Gift Ideas for Bloggers

Let the panic begin, folks: There is now only one month standing between you and Christmas Eve! Actually, don't panic at all because this week I'm going to help you cross off a few of those people on your list. I've categorized parts of my Amazon Store by person, so that you don't have to look very hard (or fight the store crowds) for all the gifts you need. Today, I'm helping you out with your blogging buds:

ORGANIZATION | Every blogger needs a plan of attack when it comes to posting. Help the blogger you love kick off 2015 with an organized start by giving them a new planner (like this one from Blue Sky Planner or this pocket one from Lilly Pulitzer). If you're feeling extra friendly (husbands!) an iPad is pretty much a guaranteed all-around, it's so much more fun to use Pinterest on!

INSPIRATION | Bloggers are on the web constantly, but there's also something about tangible inspiration that we all need! Gift them a magazine subscription (like Better Homes and Gardens or Family Circle) or buy them a couple of books by blog-authors, like Happy Handmade Home by the girls of A Beautiful Mess. 

CREATIVITY | Most of a blogger's day-to-day life is just one giant creative brain-storm. Whether they like getting creative on their computers (like with Adobe Lightroom) or trying their hand at calligraphy (like with this pen set), there's plenty of creative-gifts to exchange and help them perfect or begin their next favorite hobby. 

See gifts like these and tons more in my Amazon Store's "for the blogger" section. Happy shopping!
(PS: save tons on shipping when you become an Amazon Prime member. Totally worth it!)

Check back tomorrow for more gift ideas!

Disclosure: Links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. I benefit from clicks and/or purchases. Opinions are always 100% my own.


Five Things

ONE | I got to hang out with my cat-niece last weekend...and she's just getting cuter and cuter. Her name is Chloe and she like to bite...however, you can't even be mad at her because her little face is too sweet. I had a chance to grab a few shots of her in front of my sister's Christmas tree. She posed just like the little diva she is. 

TWO | Our household is in full-on Christmas music mode as of last weekend. I'm not sure if it was the cold weather or the fact that we celebrated a Thanksgiving already, but we are enjoying every minute of the sounds of the season. I'm completely obsessing over Pentatonix's new holiday cover "White Winter Hymnal." It's been played in our home about 50 times now (and it's still November).

THREE | My mom is a high school librarian and some of her students crafted a pretty little tree for her desk. It's covered in a strand of colorful lights and topped with a star. I love it! Every library (or book lover) needs one! If only I owned some books, I'd probably make one of my own!

FOUR | I made another small failed attempt at getting my old instagram back this week. If you don't know the saga, you can read about it here. I haven't been able to log into my account since April after changing my password. The password retrieval email won't go to my Yahoo account. Yahoo says it's not their issue and instagram can't be contacted. #Rude. 

FIVE | Today is the official premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. This will be the first time since the series began where I wasn't seeing it at midnight with my best friends. What is that all about, though? Dumb adult-life. Anyway, I hope I can see it sometime this weekend and I'll be sure to tweet if I do!

Happy Friday!


See You Next Year, Ghosties

As I put up my fall decor last weekend and brought down the Christmas tree, I realized I had never shared the pictures of our home dressed up for autumn. I didn't do a whole lot this year and it's the same ol' stuff from years past, but I sure didn't want to let November go by and not post them at all!

My two cute little ghosts are about as "Halloween" as it gets around here. I'm not one for the scary, murder-y, ghory parts of this time of year. But, these little ghosts are more cute than scary and they've been with me in three apartments now. I believe I bought them after Halloween in 2011! 

Have I mentioned I love having a mantle/fireplace to dress up? It was the total selling-point for me with this apartment! There will never be a spark in that fireplace, but I love everything I'm able to do with it!

I can't believe it's actually time to put away the fall and bring in the Christmas. High five to you if you're actually waiting until Thanksgiving is over! Poor Thanksgiving...I just couldn't wait around this year and have less than a month with my beloved Christmas. Jingle bells are already ringing at the Pyron home. 

See you next year Fall!


Our Second Wedding Anniversary

Some of my favorite days are spent being lazy around the house. Yesterday we did exactly that to celebrate our second anniversary! This year, we're saving money (meaning no NYLO hotel) and we didn't take off work (meaning no staying out late), so we decided to make the best of our Tuesday anniversary by remaking our wedding dinner and dine living-room-picnic-style. 

I made waffles with a hint of pumpkin spice and topped them with little Reeses, just like our wedding waffle bar. We drank hot chocolate in our Disney wedding gift mugs from my friend Veronica! 

I cooked unfroze a package of breakfast sausage, potatoes and peppers. Added in some eggs and they made a great instant breakfast taco mixture.

Of course, we had to have our Whataburger breakfasts of choice for dinner too (Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit for me and Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit for him)! When we got married, Whataburger was kind enough to make us fresh breakfast for our guests, despite not serving it in restaurants after 11 a.m. Yesterday, I had to improvise a bit. 

I bought our breakfast biscuits around 7:45 a.m., right before I got to work. I stored them in our office fridge until I left for home. Once there, I kept them refrigerated until right before dinner was served. Taking a part each piece of the sandwiches, I warmed everything up individually in the microwave. I'm sure there's a better was to do it in the oven, but I didn't want to chance me burning them!

They turned out just as delicious as ever, as did everything else! We were so full when we were done eating, we actually took a nap. A nap! At 7:00 at night. 

To top off the meal, I made some funfetti cupcakes...which we didn't eat until much later in the night. They definitely didn't taste anything like the wonderful homemade cake that my friend Lupita's mom made for our wedding, but it was a nice bit of nostalgia to add to the other foods. 

We set up our futon mattress on the living room floor and picnicked right in front of our couch. Nothing spilled, but having mugs of hot chocolate, cups of milk and plates full of food (and syrup) was not the easiest thing to do!

We had such a great evening together! Before dinner, we dusted off our wedding exit clothes and snapped a few pictures. I love my "groom" and some of the silly traditions we're creating together.

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