Five Years

No big plans for us today. We'll barely see each other on this fifth wedding anniversary of ours. Life gets in the way of those special days sometimes.


Some folks tend start to fade at about this five year mark.  Probably because we're all different people than we were five years ago. 

We were really young when we met. The things we had in common included living in the same dorm. That's pretty much it. Proximity began our relationship.

And a little spark. 

Back then, we required a whole lot less sleep. We seemed to be at the movies constantly. Or hanging out with all our roommates. Work wasn't something we had to do a whole lot of. And studying was basically reserved for 2 a.m. There was plenty of time for taking walks in the park, holding hands, dreaming dreams and just staring at one another, planning a future. 

And so the spark grew. 

Then we walked down an aisle together and decided to be forever. And moving in together was tough sometimes. Sharing my time with a new coaching career wasn't always fun. I missed him. I missed my friends. I missed our little college town. 

But, the spark stayed. 

Now we have a home of own. Lots of things still need to be painted. The dishes pile up quickly, especially during this time of year. Neither of us gets to leave work when the work day is over, lately. We both find ourselves typing away into the late nights sometimes. Dinner doesn't get made when it should. We don't know what movies are on in the theaters. We haven't taken a walk in the park lately. 

But, sometimes, under the dim glow of a sitcom rerun, surrounded by clean laundry mountains on the floor, he places his hand in mine and sleepily tells me he loves me so much. And I melt. 

And the spark continues.

Take Back Day

With the opioid epidemic in the limelight this week, I think it's important for all of us to be passionate about one of the few things that we can all seem to politically agree on: prescription drug use is a problem and we need steps to be taken to relieve it. I'm sure we can disagree on semantics and the way we go about the "fix," but at the end of the day - let's work on it, together. 


I'll admit, I'm no expert here when it comes to the crisis. Googling "what are opioids" is something I may or may not have done a couple of times this week before getting some new understanding on the subject. I'm also not aware of anyone I know who is suffering...but, I guess that's kind of the point of this crisis in the first place. When a habit can be fueled by what is in your medicine cabinet, the suffering can be completely secretive and "functional" for quite some time. 

While some of the statistics can be overwhelming, let's not lose hope.
Let's DO something. 

A tangible way we can all make a positive impact THIS WEEKEND is by cleaning out our homes and safely ridding ourselves and our families of unused and expired prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. For the past seven years, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration has hosted "Take Back Day" across the country to help citizens safely and routinely dispose of these once-medically-necessary (but potentially harmful) substances. Saturday, Oct. 28 is one of those days! 

Use the DEA's Take Back Day website to find a collection location near your home. Many of your local public school campuses and police department stations serve as dropoff locations on these designated days. Collections happen 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 


During our packing and moving process this summer, I realized we have several prescription bottles of medication leftover from Coach's shoulder surgery. They haven't been opened since their use in the days after surgery and they are now expired, along with being medically unnecessary. I'll be dropping these bottles off at the closest Take Back Day dropoff location to us. 

Feel free to use these images to spread the word about Take Back Day and encourage your communities to make a visit to their own collection location:


  • Scratch out your name/identifiable info from prescription bottles before disposal. 
  • Do not flush medications down the sink or toilet. 
  • Never share prescription drugs with anyone. 
  • Visit for additional safety and disposal information. 

Help protect loved ones in your life by safely disposing of the prescription drugs in your home and encourage others to do the same.

Night At the Fair

The Stars at Night are Big and Bright | *clap clap clap clap* | Deep in the Heart of Texas

We've been going to the State Fair of Texas for years now, but it's always been during the daylight. This year, we nearly missed going to the fair completely (a true Texan tragedy) and may have missed all those beautiful fried foods because this month has truly just flown by. We have not had time for a whole lot of "extra." Excuse me, but where does October think it's going so quickly? Someone tell it to come back here and stay for a while!


While the fair was winding down its last week, we still had our complementary teacher tickets burning a whole in my wallet and finally decided to go after work and after Coach's practice. It was late. It was a school night. We live much farther away from the fair grounds now. But, we HAD to make it happen. 


While the State Fair of Texas always has a certain grandiosity of the 'bigger' and 'better,' seeing everything all up in lights is a different kind of magic on its own. The colors and sounds were worth the absolute tretchery of finding a parking spot...not because of the fairgrounds per se, more like a fun marital miscommunication and neither party correctly reading signs. Anybody been there?  🙋


We only spent $40 in coupons, since we were just there for a couple of hours. We really didn't need to participate in any of the rides or play any games - just a good 'ol fashioned fried food fix. First up on the list of must-haves, The 2017 Big Texas Award Winner for Best Taste-Savory and Most Creative - the Funnel Cake Bacon Queso Burger. 


First of all, don't you judge us! That thing is a glorious creation that could only be concocted with divine intervention. Funnel Cake? Yes, please. Bacon? Always. Queso? On all the things. Burgers? Forever and always. Mix it all together and I am Here. For. It! I'll admit, I really only got a couple of bites because Coach may have completely devoured the thing, but those few beautiful bites were a match made in heaven. 


A super Sweet Finalist, Deep Fried Froot Loops, was next on the list. I'm not sure Coach was impressed, but I am a fan! It kind of reminded me of a toasted strudel breakfast dessert, but with a lot more sweetness and cereal, of course. Also, no fork neccessary. It was all hands on deck. 


A few more snacks for the ride home and we were ready to go. I definitely could have used a lot more time and wish our fair would have stayed around a little longer, but certainly glad I got my fix! Something about the fair brings about a certainty of the fall season. No matter the weather. No matter the foliage (or lack therof). The fair means fall has truly arrived.