Waffle-ize All The Foods

Montrell and I bought a waffle maker this week! Somehow, we didn't end up registering for one when we got married (what were we thinking?) and after some time of review-reading, I decided on this beauty from Amazon: Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker*. The day it arrived at our door, we planned on waffles for dinner!

Can I just say that we LOVE this thing? Love it. The waffles turned out perfectly, so we started remembering some of the other things we've seen people online waffle-ize. Cinnamon rolls were one that we couldn't wait to try, so we did. 

They turned out perfect! Since we were shooting 2 for 2 here, I just had to give one more food a try. Cookies! I've seen pictures of it on Pinterest, dreamt of the day I would be able to give it a go and on we went....and now I may just have a waffle maker covered in burnt cookie dough....womp, womp, womp. 

We didn't leave them in any longer than the recommended times I saw, but something did go completely wrong, that's for sure! Maybe it was the type of dough? Way too hot? Too much coconut oil spray? No idea...

All that being said, we love our waffle maker, we love breakfast, but we could sure use some helpful tips 
on how to clean up burnt cookie dough from our beautiful new machine! Any advice to give?

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Summer Sequel Refresher at Studio Movie Grill

This post is sponsored by SMG, but all opinions are my own.

Within the next year, there will be tons of sequels released in movie theaters. Like, we probably won't see a single mew movie in 2014-2015 that doesn't have a "2," "3" or other creative sequel alternative behind it. Since these new titles are in production, my friends at Studio Movie Grill in Colleyville are hosting a $2 summer refresher course for the originals, in case you missed them or want to see them again (I mean, I was 3 years old when some of these first released!)

July 21 - July 24 you can see the original Skyfall, Jurassic Park, Hunger Games and Magic Mike.


July 28 - July 31 you can check out the first Despicable Me, Mrs. Doubtfire, Pitch Perfect and Dumb + Dumber.


Tickets for these prequels are only $2, but you can treat yourself to the $5 drink special, instead (which is even better)! Plus, you can book online with no additional fee! Check out all their movie times on their website.

What sequel are you most excited to see this year?


Balancing Act on the Mantle

Slowly but surely, parts of our new home are nearing completion (even if there may be a guest room full of unpacked boxes). Because of awkward fireplace-placement, we had to mount a tv in our living room for the first time. Not one of the two tvs we already owned, of course. It had to be newer. "Smarter," even. Montrell enjoyed that little purchase during move-in week and I must admit that I'm loving it too. 

Boys will be boys and the tv was mounted a little higher than originally planned. After a few moments hours of me being sad about it's placement, I realized that there was more room for cute decorations, so I got over it. I'll have to save the cable-hiding details for another day. It deserves a post in itself! Here's the supplies I've used to balance out the mantle: 

1. This pretty print was made by Jenny of Maidae. I don't see the exact one available now, but check out the others in her print shop.
2. Room Essentials at Target pretty much made their new line of college decorations for me. Love this modern arrow light.
3. The cork character is from the same RE collection (They have every letter and lots of symbols. We all just know the hashtag is my fav!) 
4. The FEJKA artificial plant is one of my favorites from IKEA. I've got several of them around the place. Looks real, doesn't die. 
5. All the frames are from IKEA as well. The classic white RIBBA holds the Maidae print and the striped set of frames (├ůSARNA) is not available online yet. The large frame underneath the tv is the NORRLIDA.

Now, all I need is to decide which pictures will fill these empty frames!
Can't wait to share when I get some things completed around here.


Jon + Bethany's Engagement Session

I was so excited when my sister, Bethany and her fiance, Jon, came to stay the past weekend with me for engagement pictures. After some much-needed home decor shopping trips (much to Jon's dismay), we went to one of my favorite little spots in Frisco and these lovey-dovey pictures ensued. 

I know I'm a little biased, but Bethany is going to make such a beautiful bride. Her bridal session is coming up in the next couple weekends. I already can't wait to share those as soon as the "I Dos" are said. It'll be tough to keep those a secret!

Love you two so much! Can't wait to be on a beach soon, celebrating your big day. 
FYI - Location: Frisco Central Park | Black Groom Jersey: David's Bridal | Bride + Groom Custom Outfits: The Armor of God


Happy Slurpee Day!

'Happy birthday' to 7-eleven and a big 'thank you' for giving us a gift on your big day. Free slurpees, friends! Don't miss it!

[K] and I have been counting down the days until July 11. So, today, right after cheer camp ended, we rushed over to the closest 7-eleven and got ourselves some slurpees. Simple way to make a kids day, that's for sure!

[K] got the new lemonade flavor (which she loved) and I tried a new light watermelong flavor (which I loved).

You have until 7:00 p.m. to get your free slurpee-on! Go get one. It's what summer is all about!