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Flash of Mauve

Montrell and I recently attended a volleyball banquet in honor of the girl's team he helps coach. It's really exciting to have a reason to dress up for an event, since that seems like a rarity these days (Can adults please just have prom every year too?). I had also been waiting for something to wear my new skirt to and I'm glad I decided this was it!

I'd seen tulle skirts and dresses on Pinterest every once in a while and the girly-girl in me knew I needed one too! Through some searching I found that Windsor was a great place to get a "Darling Party Skirt." For my first tutu (since my 5-year-old ballet recital), I chose Mauve, but they seriously have every color and it's really hard to choose! 

I paired my new fun skirt with a sequined tank and a mini cardigan, while Montrell busted out the groom-gear and wore his wedding suit. He hadn't put it on since our wedding day, so it was fun to see him in that again too!

Since the night was masquerade-themed, I set out earlier that afternoon to find some masks. I really wanted to make ours and have a whole DIY project ready for you all, but I let time get the best of me. We found plenty of great pre-made options at Pier 1 Imports thanks to some twitter helpers!

Once all the awards and recognitions were given, the dance began! Here's a couple of things I learned as we attended a dance for middle and high school girls: 1. We are old. 2. Kids don't know what the electric slide is. 3. The whip may be the worst-looking dance fad of all time. 4. My husband can DANCE y'all (well, I already knew this one, but I liked the reminder). 5. Did I mention we are old? We were so tired by 11:00 p.m., even with the cup of coffee I had!

We really had so much fun hanging out with his team and fellow coaches. Huge thanks to the parents and directors who helped organize this big event. We can't wait for next season! 

Hide your face so the world will never find you
Masquerade! / Every face a different shade / Masquerade!
Look around, there's another mask behind you.
Flash of mauve / Splash of puce / Fool and king / Ghoul and goose. 


#ShareSmiles this Summer

While this blog post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertisers, all opinions are all my own! Find out more info on my disclosure page. #ShareSmiles #CollectiveBias

The sun is coming out, the rain is subsiding and it's time for vacations and outdoor fun! Summer is the perfect time to share smiles with those around you! With Coke, you can easily give a personalized gift for everyone in your life. Here's five ways to share some smiles this Summer:

1. GRADUATES - Nothing says "Summer is here" like sitting through multiple high school and college graduation ceremonies...I've got my sister's and cousin's coming up soon! There's a special glass Coke bottle just for us to give the cap-tossers. Complete a gift for them with a tiny grad cap on the bottle and a box of money or a gift card. Those are the best gifts y'all...grads need it!

All you need to dress up these glass bottle caps are some scraps of black paper, hot glue and white ribbon. Cut the black paper into a small square, tiny circle (hole-punch) and strip (enough to wrap-around the cap). ONE: Wrap the bottle cap with the paper strip and glue. TWO: Hot glue the paper square on top. THREE: Cut the white ribbon into strips and glue on top, in the middle. Top with small paper circle. There you have it: cute little Cokes, ready for commencement. 

To make the graduation gift even more special, grab a 20-oz. with your favorite graduate's first name! I'll be bringing this to my cousin on his big day. Congratulations, Brandon!

2. CO-WORKERS - If you're anything like me, sometimes an afternoon Coke is JUST what you need to get through the 2:00 drag (you know, when time stands completely still?). Coke mini cans have fun little labels like #1, VIP and :) Top with a bow and sneak one of these into a friend's office for a nice Summer surprise. 

3. GIRLFRIENDS - While you and your bestie are out visiting festivals, window-shopping, concert-going and road-tripping during the next few months, I'm sure somebody will end up with a floral crown on their head. Beat her to it by dressing up a 20-oz. bottle (adorning her name) with craft fuzzies. Adhere them to the cap with hot glue and kick off girl's weekend right with a gift just for her.

4. DADS - Father's Day is coming up (June 21), so don't forget to send Dad a smile too! Give your dapper-Dad a Coke dressed in black-tie, just for him. Using black paper, cut out the shape of a bow-tie. Add a message, or leave it blank: Either way, there's a bottle with all Father's favorite name: Dad!

5. FRIENDS - Host a small get-together with some of your favorite friends. Go to a pool (or a lake, or if you're really lucky, the ocean), pack a picnic lunch and have some fun-in-the-sun. Don't forget to bring the sunscreen, beach towels, sunglasses and donut pool floaties!

You can pick up all these personalized Coke products (and more) at your local Brookshire's store, like I did. Visit the soda aisles for the cans, glass bottles, 2-liters and minis and find the special "Share a Coke" display near the check-out lines for the personalized 20-oz bottles. 

While you're out shopping for smiles to share, be sure to keep an eye on Brookshire's Facebook page for a chances to win yourpoints, offers, fun and conversation.

How will you be sharing smiles this Summer?


IKEA Family: May 6 - June 2

Every month, my favorite blue warehouse puts tons of items on sale at a discounted price for all IKEA Family card holders. Not a family member? Sign up now. Along with the discounts, you get free coffee or hot tea in the restaurant, more SmÃ¥land time for the kiddos and a 90 Day Price Protection. Basically, you really shouldn't shop at IKEA without it!

Here's some favorite items I've chosen from the family discount list this month. You can always go see all the discount items on the IKEA website. This time, there's quite a few items on sale that we already have in our own place! You already know how much I love my KIVIK couches and this lamp sits in our living room too:

1. Lamp | 2. Dresser | 3. Foam Pillow


Ancestry DNA

A few weeks ago, you may have seen on Instagram that I ordered an ancestry DNA kit for my birthday. What you may not know is that I ordered it for my husband to take and not myself! I know a little bit about my family's past, and I've begun diving into my family history through On the other hand, Montrell was adopted, so it'll always be a little bit tougher to find his family tree. We thought DNA may be a great way to get right to his original roots!

When your kit comes in the mail, there's only 3 simple steps to complete. ONE: Register your tube's ID number online through TWO: Spit into a little tube and add the cap, which releases a blue liquid. Then give it a shake. THREE: Mail your pre-packaged box back to ancestry. 

It's extremely easy to do and only takes just a few minutes. If you want to get a kit for yourself, head over to I'll probably get one for myself to take later this year!

We'll have results sometime within the next 6-8 weeks.
I'm so excited! Can't wait!


Vintage Color Pops

I love going out to estate sales and yard sales in hopes of finding something awesome for our home. You know, the rare one-of-a-kind mid-century modern pieces in great condition? The rarity is the only downfall of it all. It's hard to really find these items in the condition (and color) you'd prefer. 

Chairish may have solved that disappointment for us! On their site, design lovers like you and me buy and sell beautiful one-of-a-kinds. While browsing, you can search for colors and sort by price-points and locations. Chairish asked that I participate in their Mix-N-Match challenge. What better way to mix-n-match than to add color pops from different styles, ALL over the home? Here's some favorites:

4: Glasses | 5. Set of Chairs | 6. Pouf
7. Chair | 8. Metal Art | 9. Chair

1. Book | 2. Wall Hanging | 3. Stool
4. Chair | 5. Chandelier | 6. Wall Art
7. Glasses | 8. Sofa | 9. Globe

Next time the rain (or pure laziness...let's be honest) stops you from venturing out for some vintage finds, be sure to check out Chairish and pick out some mid-century one-of-a-kinds right from home!

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