About Those 3D Lashes

By now, you've probably been invited to a Younique facebook party and if you haven't, you should be worried you don't have any friends. I'm totally kidding! I've been invited to several online parties and finally gave in and bought myself some Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.

At first, it's a little different to get used to the application process (watch some Youtube tutorials!). Not hard, but it's definitely just different than we're used to. 

Here's the evolution of me using Younique lashes: 
without mascara -> with regular mascara -> with Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

My only small complaint is that this stuff is pretty tough to get off. My usual makeup remover just can't get it all (similar to trying to remove really good waterproof mascara). After a few trials-and-errors, I've figured out that coconut oil really helps to get it off quicker than anything else. A little bit of oil smeared onto a cotton ball (one for each eye) gets it all gone and clean. 

I don't use it every morning, as I'm usually a zombie before work and do the least possible makeup as I can get away with. However, I'm totally in love with stuff. It was truly worth the purchase for weekends and special occasions. I'll be buying it again...and again. And maybe buy some for others as gifts! If you need a place to buy some for yourself, check out my friend Kristina's shop!


Sweet Cruz is One

I can't believe it has been a whole year since little Cruz was born. You may remember his newborn pictures, as we used a referee whistle and some stripes to represent his coaching parents. Well, now he's a little more in charge of how his photo shoots go, as all toddlers are. 

We had some fun running around in their backyard with Cruz's favorite toys, some colorful balloons and a few iPad music dance sessions.  

By the way, have you ever put a toddler on a trampoline before? With all safety precautions taken, of course, this makes for some of the happiest smiles I've ever seen. He must love that thing. 


Happy First Birthday, Cruz!


Doodle Pumpkins

Now that I don't have to sit in classes all day and doodle my way through, I still get the urge to participate in that teen-perfected art form every once in a while. Last weekend, I thought, "Why not doodle on some fall decor?" 

Using the only permanent marker I could find (seriously, where are my gold and black markers?!), I begin drawing whatever came to me. A little polka dots here, zebra stripes there, etc. It was fun, fast and they turned out cute. 

This would be fun to let the kiddos practice their doodle and drawing skills. Carving can get a little extreme, so when it comes to Fall pumpkins, you can always use some fun decorating options!

Have Fun Doodling!


A Colorful Backdrop

It's no secret that I love a good photo booth. It's the sole reason I picked the venue for my wedding and I haven't hosted a shower or party without one since. There are so many ways to create fun backdrops for your booths, but this one may be my favorite. 

ONE. Buy some plastic table cloths in the colors of your choice, one roll of duct tape (I chose gold) and a pair of scissors. TWO. Cut the table cloths into strips (1-2 inches). You can do this many ways, but I chose to not unfold the cloths at all and cut many strips at once. Be careful you're not making short strips. I wanted mine the length of the table cloth, not the width's size. 

THREE. Pull out enough tape on a smooth surface to be the width you'd like your backdrop to be. Mine was about 6 feet. FOUR. Start adding all the strips to the tape. Use a pattern or be completely random with your colors.  FIVE. Finish it up with another strip of tape to enclose the attached streamers...think "sandwich:" Tape is the two slices of bread, tips of the streamers are the meat/cheese. SIX. Hang it up however you like. I've used both a backdrop stand and tacks on a wall. 

We used this backdrop for my sister's hometown wedding celebration. It was definitely the hit of the party, we even got my Gran to join in the fun!

This streamer backdrop costs less than $5 to make and it's totally reusable if you store it correctly. I want to do a lot more color variations in the future!

Anybody love photo booths as much as I do?


A Simple Glam Pumpkin

I was looking for a way to glam up one of my little baby pumpkins and I planned on using glitter. Sometimes when I go into my craft closet for one thing, I come out with a whole new plan. This is one of those times!

This pumpkin was a pretty perfect one, except for it's round bottom (a problem a lot of us would love to have, right?) Using my mandolin, I just sliced the bottom off, so it would have a flat spot to stand on. 

Armed with scissors, metallic tissue paper and modge podge, I began to glamorize. ONE: Cut tissue paper into giblets, tiny pieces, confetti, whatever you want to call it. TWO: Cover your pumpkin in modge podge (or glue). THREE: Sprinkle on your shiny confetti. FOUR: Repeat THREE. 

It's not perfect, as it's not totally covered, but I love the little glam it brought to my living room. This would be a fun project to do with the kiddos. Sprinkle on store-bought confetti. Sprinkle on magazine clippings. Sprinkle on sprinkles. The possibilities await you!
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