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Take a Pic, Give Shoes

One of my favorite companies, TOMS, never ceases to amaze me with their creative marketing and giving philosophy. I just saw some exciting news on their Facebook this morning and had to share! From now until May 21, for every person that posts a barefoot photo on Instagram (with #WithoutShoes) they will donate a pair of shoes to someone in need. How amazing/simple is that?

Let it be known that barefoot photos are not my favorite (I kind of have some webbing-elfness going on), but I'll take one for the tribe in the name of "giving." I'll snap mine as soon as I find some polish!

Make sure to check out all the info on this year's One Day Without Shoes.

Speaking of TOMS, here's some fun pieces that make me think of the upcoming warm months. When I think of "Summer," I imagine pretty pools and crashing waves....all of which are blue! There ain't no cure for the "Summertime Blues" y'all. Just ask Eddie Cochran. PS: Why am I so familiar with songs from the 50's? I'm an old lady at heart I guess!

Will you be snapping a barefoot photo for TOMS?


Track Meet Neccessities

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We love track and field around here, but now that Montrell is no longer coaching it, we don't get to go to as many meets. Luckily, my hometown high school competed in my neck of the woods last weekend and I got to go see some great kiddos compete. 

When I was packing up for the big day, I realized that there is definitely some routine items that I always bring with me to meets:

ONE: Telephoto Lens - I've had this 70-300* for a long time. It's a pretty economic lens and it's been through a lot over the years! I don't use it a ton, so there's no need to upgrade. It gets the job done! 

TWO: Sunscreen - I can't even tell you the number of times I've been at a meet then turned into a total lobster. I apply and reapply and reapply every hour. I also try to wear jackets and long sleeves.

THREE: Chap Stick - If the wind is blowing, you'll walk around with some cracked/chapped lips if you don't prevent it. I apply this stuff almost as much as the sunscreen. 

FOUR: Gum - If you'e like me, you won't want to binge on concession stand foods the whole day. I chew gum to keep my mind away from hunger until I can leave the meet and get real food. 

FIVE: Water - Some stadiums don't want you to bring in food or drink, but if you can, water is a must! Being out in the sun all day can take a lot out of you (even when you're just a spectator). 

Next time you're heading out for a meet, make sure you remember to bring those items along.


Bring May Flowers

Happy May 1st, friends! I'm extra excited today because May just so happens to be THE best month of the year. I could be a little biased, since it is my birthday month (just barely), but it's still probably a good month to the general public as well, right? Here's hoping this month brings lots more beautiful flowers a little less storms and showers!

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you." Song of Solomon 4:7

"God is within her, she will not fall." Psalm 46:5

"Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created." Esther 4:14

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5

Today is a beautiful day outside and I'm looking forward to spending some time at a high school track meet this afternoon! It really could not be more perfect for an outdoor event (as long as I remember my sunscreen!)

How are you spending your first day of May?


Spring Storm Prep

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Springtime elsewhere means dainty "April Showers," but here is Texas, we're kind of in storm-alert-mode for the next couple of months. Luckily, most severe weather is predicted with a few hours in advance (and we actually finally look rain-free for the next five days...yay!) Here's some things I have on-hand to prep for those constant bad weather days:

1. Candles*/Lighter* - When the lights go out, it can be hard to navigate around the house. While we'll have cell phones, we should probably save the battery on those as much as possible. A candle or two can light your way in the mean-time.

2. Portable Charger* - Speaking of cell batteries, these portable chargers are a "must." If the electricity goes out and you still want to keep up with the weather updates, you'll need to be using your cell service. Once the regular battery goes out, this will be your backup. That should get you through the night. Tip: Charge cell phones to 100% before a storm is predicted to begin. 

3. Water Bottles* - We have these bottles always full in our fridge for daily use, but if we had to bunker down in a safe place, drinking water is a great thing to grab and bring with you. Sipping water always seems to calm me down a bit (like, in airplanes), so I like having it nearby.

4. Blankets* - In a worse-case scenario, Montrell and I would have to be taking shelter in our bathroom tub, as it is the only room without windows and the least exterior walls. Plenty of quilts, throws and blankets can be used to make sitting more comfortable and also can be used to pile over us for extra layers of protection.

5. Fire Box* - We keep several special documents, electronics and pictures in a small fireproof box in our home. Although weather can be unpredictable, putting this box in the safest part of your home may help salvage its contents during both fires and storms.

What other items do you keep nearby in case of bad weather?


Little "Thanks" for Mom

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Growing up I always knew I had a good mom, but it's taken me a few years into adulthood to realize that she's not only good, she is the very best! Browsing through the American Greetings Mother's Day cards recently, I found the perfect card for her! Plus, its message inspired a DIY personalized gift full of fond memories.

When you have the very best of someone, it's hard to be grateful of all the little things they do for you along the way. The little things from my mom are what I want to cherish and remember most, so I can recreate them for my own kids some day. Here's how I can remember those moments and let my mom know how much they impacted me:

Here's what you need to make this jar full of Mommy-memories: ONE: Empty jar | TWO: Bright paper | THREE: Marker or pen | FOUR: Candy | FIVE: String. Here's all you need to do: ONE: Create a "Mom, Thank You For..." tag and string. | TWO: Cut bright paper into strips. | THREE: Write fun memories of what you're thankful for starting with "..." | FOUR: Wrap memory strips around a writing utensil to create paper rolls. | FIVE: Add rolls of memories and candy into a jar.

Once I started writing on the strips of paper, so many fun more moments came to mind! Whether they are major, minor or completely silly, I had a great time creating this gift as I reminisced (despite my terribly childish handwriting!)

I'll save a few memories for my mom to read on Mother's Day (*spoiler alert, Mom*), but here are some of my very favorite things that are included in her jar: 

Thank you for...

...Dropping everything and coming to visit, even when that meant driving 2 or more hours.

...Letting us shake up homemade donuts in bags of delicious powdered sugar.

...Sneaking into our rooms during late-night thunderstorms and quietly tacking up blankets over our windows to block out the bright lightning strikes.

...Allowing my room to always be a bit messier than you preferred. I was a DIY-er in the making!

...Waking up to take us to tournaments, trips, practices, rehearsals, performances, etc. when we didn't have our license yet. Sometimes those were really early mornings!

...Treating us to convenient-store icees in the summer and warm cappuccinos in the winter.

...Hosting numerous basketball sleepovers...feeding 10 teenage girls at once is no easy feat!

...Slipping us an extra $20 for our gas tank. Or, just stealing our car and filling it up for us.

...Loving us unconditionally, every single day since May 31, 1990 and April 14, 1993.

Before you make your memory jar for your moms, stop by your nearest WalMart and visit the one-stop shop for Mother's Day. This aisle is where I found the perfect American Greetings card, candy for the jar, a cute frame, a fun zebra-print coffee mug and a pretty bag to wrap it all up in.

To celebrate the upcoming holiday, enter below to win some amazing gift card prizes ($4,000 worth)! These will help make a little more Mother's Day celebrations last all year long, am I right?

Don't forget, friends: Mother's Day is May 10th. 
Give all the Mother-figures in your life some time and love this holiday!

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