A Simple Glam Pumpkin

I was looking for a way to glam up one of my little baby pumpkins and I planned on using glitter. Sometimes when I go into my craft closet for one thing, I come out with a whole new plan. This is one of those times!

This pumpkin was a pretty perfect one, except for it's round bottom (a problem a lot of us would love to have, right?) Using my mandolin, I just sliced the bottom off, so it would have a flat spot to stand on. 

Armed with scissors, metallic tissue paper and modge podge, I began to glamorize. ONE: Cut tissue paper into giblets, tiny pieces, confetti, whatever you want to call it. TWO: Cover your pumpkin in modge podge (or glue). THREE: Sprinkle on your shiny confetti. FOUR: Repeat THREE. 

It's not perfect, as it's not totally covered, but I love the little glam it brought to my living room. This would be a fun project to do with the kiddos. Sprinkle on store-bought confetti. Sprinkle on magazine clippings. Sprinkle on sprinkles. The possibilities await you!


A Thrifty Globe Makeover

I've been waiting a while to do a little something with this thrifty globe I spotted a few months ago. I absolutely love its original form, but I'm not really a world traveler or a collector of vintage things, so it doesn't fit into the aesthetics of our home very well. Since chalk-boarding is my obsession this year, I knew I'd have to chalken up this pretty find too. 

ONE: Find an awesome globe at a thrift store. I saw this baby at Goodwill for $3 and had to make it mine. A good rule of thumb: If you ever see a globe in a thrift store, buy it...especially when it's under $10!

TWO: Give the globe a bit of a sanding. For some silly reason, the globe companies make the mountains mountainous...didn't they know I'd need a smooth surface for crafting someday? If you have an electric sander, that would probably be best, but you can also be like me and use sandpaper!

THREE: Once all the countries are looking tore-up-from-the-floor-up, it's probably smoothed out enough. Great job, girl! Dust that baby off with some paper towels and you're ready for paint. 

FOUR: Using my favorite Chalkboard Paint, I began smearing it on. I left the globe on its stand, so I could easily turn and paint the whole thing in one sitting. I'm sure you can do this a more proper way by adding a glob of paint to a plate, then painting it on the globe. I say, "What a waste," and "These abstract scribbles were fun to make!" 

FIVE: When you're letting your first layer dry, it may look like the worst thing you've ever painted in your life. It's totally fine. So did mine! Let this dry for about thirty minutes (go watch an episode of Gossip Girl) and then paint it again. Then, repeat (paint + tv). Three layers of paint should do the trick.

SIX: Once you've completed all three layers, go and watch some more Gossip Girl. Maybe two more episodes in a row this time. You want it to really, really, really dry. Putting chalk onto wet paint is no good & you'll have to start over. 

SEVEN: Once the surface is all clear, feel free to chalk-it-up all you want. I plan on using ours in the guest room for our friends to sign when they stay with us. Kind of like a guest book for our home.

But, until we get some guests, I guess it will just have to be our jack-o-lantern!



State Fair of Texas, Y'all

Since it took me so long to be a first-time Texas Fair goer (I was 19), I think I'll never miss another year. School employees get free Fair tickets, thanks to Coca-Cola, so that was a nice surprise. I got off work early last Friday, so Montrell and I tried to beat the Texas/OU rush and headed towards the Fair Grounds around lunchtime.

We stopped by the GMC NFL combine booth, where Montrell showed his agility and jumping skills. He reached far above the vertical board, so they just pointed his arrow up! 

Can't go to the Fair without stopping by to say, "Howdy" to (the new) Big Tex. 

We pretty much just went to the fair to try out some of the foods, so here's what we tried and what we think about it:

Deep Fried Breakfast for Dinner - It was a lot less "breakfast" and a whole lot of "dinner." Montrell got it, thinking it would be the best think he's ever tasted....then it ended up having beans inside of it and was really bummed. Beans for breakfast? Not us!

Fletcher's Corny Dogs - Delicious, of course. I added both mustard and ketchup. My only complaint is that I didn't have another. 

Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll - Yes. This is the breakfast Fair item that you really have to try! It probably tastes a little better than it sounds, if you think that's possible. I would go back to the Fair just for this. 

Fried Pumpkin Spice Oreos - I would also go back to the Fair for these. These are an absolute hidden gem, as they are written on just a tiny sign. A friend of mine mentioned to me that she has made these before. May have to start warming up some oil and making some of my own!

Big Tex Drink Cup - We splurged a bit on the tourist cup. It was $10, but refills were only $2...which is actually a terrible deal, but better than anything else you can swing if you want to drink a lot! So, I'll be bringing Big Tex with me to work from now on to get my water intake!

Only one last week to check out all the sights at The State Fair of Texas! 

What Fair foods do you want to try?


7 Ways to Store Your Essential Oils

While my essential oils are currently jumbled up in a wicker basket, completely unorganized, I've been searching around for some of the coolest ways to house my oils (you know, for when I get my life together and have them all in a proper place). Here are 7 of my favorites:

The Oil Tree has two options, Triangle and Diamond.
Both are super cute for any home! 

Love this pouch + coaster set from LUSHCreativeHome:
(use coupon code JOY14 for free shipping on any order!)

This giant shelf holds tons of oil...50 bottles, to be exact! 
JSWoodworkandMore offers smaller options too:

The Titus2Homemaker brilliantly stores her oils in ice trays! 
See where she buys these trays on her blog!

Chalkboard? I'm in. Shop24 has lots of cute shelf options for oils:

CREATIVELITTLEWOMEN creates these little travel pouches, after you pick out the fabric of your choice! I love anything customizable!

Meant as a nail polish display, this fancy gold frame 
from Dainty Creations would look great filled with essential oils!

How Do You Store Your Oils?


One Last Wedding Celebration

When you come from a small town and a big extended family, you can't really just elope...and get away with it. Jon and Bethany still wanted to share in celebration with family and friends after they tied the knot on the beach. A few weeks ago, at our hometown church, we served tons of sweets and showered the newlyweds with gifts, love, laughter and little advice. 

Happy 2 Months of Marriage, Ledbetters!

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