A Happy 2nd Anniversary

It's our anniversary today! The big t-w-o. Coach and I were talking a few weeks ago about how these two years since our wedding actually seem more like 12...or 20! Most of the time, of course, we mean that in the very best way (but sometimes in the not-best way).

Over the past two years, I will say that we've truly come into our own of who we are as a couple and have started figuring out how this whole marriage and living-together thing works best for us.

He's starting to remember to always call me and let me know when he's on his way home from sporting events, instead of me sitting at home, wondering and worrying.

I'm starting to let him know what's bothering me, as soon as it bothers me...no matter how small it is. You know, instead of blowing up 3 weeks later about everything at once.

It's amazing how much stress and tears are prevented because of just those two little things we've figured out. They seem like obvious "duhs," but you don't know...until you know.

Don't get me wrong, we're still learning to live with each other (I'm assuming that's a constant thing?).

When I'm desperate, I still use his hair picks and combs (which leaves beautifully annoying red locks of hair caught in the teeth) and he sometimes/always forgets to wash the hot dog chili out of the pot before sitting in into the sink...but we're working on it...and we're much more forgiving of those things than we would have been a year or two ago.

I know I'm new at this, but I'm thinking that constantly working on it all may just be one of the big secrets to marriage? Shhhhhhh. Don't let Coach know he's married to a genius.

Here are some of my favorite things about living life with him:

- His nightly shower concerts. He sings whatever he wants, as loud as he can...and he's really good at it. I've been enjoying hearing the carols of Christmas through our apartment walls lately.

- He rarely posts anything to social media...but, he's a complete online stalker. He sees all your tweets, statuses, 'grams and snaps, folks. He just watches without reacting! #whataweirdo

- He can wear a beanie like a pro. I would look like a total bum in a cute one and he can throw on a plain one and looks like an advertisement aimed at cool hipsters.

- He loves dessert and really doesn't care what it does to me. Seriously, these 9 p.m. Cheesecake Factory stops are not good for my thighs or hips, but he makes me pick something out every time.

- The boy cannot put up my clothes, even though I have a very specific place to put it all. I just have to giggle when I see a random dress in-between all my shirts...or a sweatshirt in the drawer with all my shorts. At least he put in some sort of effort, right?

- He would say that he hates my ridiculous tv shows, but he totally loves watching them if I've marathoned them enough. We're knee-deep into Gossip Girl right now and he definitely knows more about some of the characters than I do.

- He has "selective-hearing" down to an artform and it's starting to amaze me more than annoy me. I promise he hears all, but can collect and process what he heard in his own timing...usually about five minutes later.

- He fills our home with music, all the time. I prefer to use the tv as my white noise, but if we're doing the dishes, folding clothes or just sitting and doing our own thing on our computers, he will have us jamming out to some playlist of his. The man can dance too.

- He keeps finding passions. His identity was in track for most of school, but graduating wasn't the end of doing what he loves. He has learned the game of volleyball the past few years and travels all over to play. The other half of his time, he's working to become the best ultimate frisbee player he can be. I'm so proud every time I catch someone talking about "that guy that can jump" in the crowd.

- He's the exact opposite of me in so many ways and it completely and perfectly balances us out.

Happy Anniversary. Thanks for still being you!