Tis' The Season for Spending

Let's face it, when November hits, money is just not as flexible as it normally is. The holidays can be brutal to the wallet because of all the parties, presents and going out with friends and family. We're doing with a little less this year, so to get us through the next couple of months we've really been analyzing where in the world our money is going (it seriously disappears so fast, right?).

Here's some ways we're chopping off some unnecessaries this year, to have plenty of what we need this upcoming season:



Stopping impluse-Target-browsing-clearance-purchases isn't easy, but totally necessary. Don't get me wrong, I still go look and take some pictures of all the lovely things in my favorite store...but I no longer add anything into my basket, just because it has a red tag!


Taking our own Christmas card picture on a tripod and a timer, instead of hiring a photographer. (Yes, I love treating myself to a yearly photo shoot, even though I'm a photographer myself...Professional photos are really important and tripods are not very cool!).


Passing the morning coffee drive thru. I'm a McCafe advocate and love my stops before work, if I have time. That was an expense that was easily cut out...usually made me late anyway.


Thinking up DIY gifts for Christmas, instead of crossing all my gift lists off on Amazon (although, if you have the funds, it's totally the easiest way in the world to shop Get yourself an Amazon Prime membership* then shop my Christmas store*).


We've canceled our anniversary hotel stay, even though it's supposed to be our yearly tradition. A living room fort will have to do for this year. (The year we'll look back on and think, "Remember that 2nd anniversary when we were so young and didn't want to spend money on a hotel?")


Some subscriptions had to be cancelled too. We barely ever turned on Hulu, so it got the first cut. My Audible app subscription was next. (And I can always get these back later!)


We're getting really creative in the crock pot to make bulk-meals instead of just one-time dinners. There's lots of ways to cook chicken and beef in there, we're learning!


 We are not buying plane tickets. Montrell has lots of opportunities for tournaments states away and my best friends are begging me to come visit them in NY. We're not doing any of that right now, no matter how much we want to!

How do you balance your spending during the holidays?