DIY Backdrop: Flagging Tape

Last week, my friends at Celebrate Colorfully shared this amazing article from A Practical Wedding. Seriously, this is a decorating game-changer! It's all about getting that beautiful ribbon effect (that I so wanted for my wedding) on the cheap-cheap-cheap. So, what's the big secret?


I've always known flagging tape as markers for cross-country meets and denoting which trees to keep or cut down. Not as anything beautiful or awesome! I've seen yellow and orange before, but that's about it. You guys - there are patterns and colors galore!

Once I was brought into the light, I immediately bought a few from Just 3 days later (I didn't buy any speedy shipping) there were 4 rolls of the tape in my mailbox. I was as excited as Buddy the Elf when he hears about Santa. (Also, Coach doesn't totally understand my enthusiasm about things like patterned flagging tape, but he lets me have my moments anyway. That's love, y'all). 

I put together a Valentine's Day backdrop super fast with the flagging tape I got: stripes, polka dots, neon red and neon pink. Look how great they look all together! I can't wait to buy more.

I mentioned "cheap," right? The four rolls I got were just about $2 each. Shipping from Florida to Texas was $6. All in all, for this very large backdrop, I spent $15. If you've ever tried to put one of these together with ribbon or fabric, you'll know it gets rather pricey rather fast! Next time I'll save more money by buying a lot more rolls of tape at once, which will cut off some future shipping. 


Anybody leaving my blog now to go order some? Don't lie!

Happy flagging!