DIY Backdrop: Tablecloths

It's no secret that I love a good photo booth. It's the sole reason I picked our wedding venue and I haven't hosted a shower or party without one since. There are so many ways to create fun backdrops for your booths, but this one may be my favorite. 


 Buy some plastic table cloths in the colors of your choice, one roll of duct tape (I chose gold) and a pair of scissors.


Cut the table cloths into strips (1-2 inches). You can do this many ways, but I chose to not unfold the cloths at all and cut many strips at once. Be careful you're not making short strips. I wanted mine the length of the table cloth, not the width's size. 


 Pull out enough tape on a smooth surface to be the width you'd like your backdrop to be. Mine was about 6 feet. 


Start adding all the strips to the tape. Use a pattern or be completely random with your colors.  


 Finish it up with another strip of tape to enclose the attached streamers...think "sandwich:" Tape is the two slices of bread, tips of the streamers are the meat/cheese.


Hang it up however you like. I've used both a backdrop stand and tacks on a wall. 

We used this backdrop for my sister's hometown wedding celebration. It was definitely the hit of the party, we even got my Gran to join in the fun!

This streamer backdrop costs less than $5 to make and it's totally reusable if you store it correctly. I want to do a lot more color variations in the future!

Anybody love photo booths as much as I do?