Glam Pumpkins

I was looking for a way to glam up one of my little baby pumpkins and I planned on using glitter. Sometimes when I go into my craft closet for one thing, I come out with a whole new plan. This is one of those times!

This pumpkin was a pretty perfect one, except for it's round bottom (a problem a lot of us would love to have, right?) Using my mandolin, I just sliced the bottom off, so it would have a flat spot to stand on. 

Armed with scissors, metallic tissue paper and modge podge, I began to glamorize.


Cut tissue paper into giblets, tiny pieces, confetti, whatever you want to call it.


Cover your pumpkin in modge podge (or glue).


Sprinkle on your shiny confetti.


Repeat THREE. 

It's not perfect, as it's not totally covered, but I love the little glam it brought to my living room. This would be a fun project to do with the kiddos. Sprinkle on store-bought confetti. Sprinkle on magazine clippings. Sprinkle on sprinkles. The possibilities await you!