Magazine Pumpkins

Happy October, everyone. Let the pumpkin projects officially begin! 

I've always been a decoupage addict since I was really young. This is the reason I still hoard magazines to this day, y'all. You never know when you'll need all those different patterns and colors in all the pages. Case in point, this magazine pumpkin project!

I love turning these tiny little pumpkins into works of art. There is so much we can do with them! For this project, all you need is a pumpkin, magazine clippings (I picked a fall color pallet), scissors and glue (I used regular clear-drying glue, but modge podge would be great too). 


ONE. Cut those magazine pieces into small strips. Long enough to wrap around the side of the pumpkin. Widths can vary a little bit. TWO. Add some glue to the pumpkin and smooth on the strips. I used my fingers, but I'm sure you could use a sponge paintbrush. THREE. Add layers of glue on top of the strips as well, as you glue down and smooth. FOUR. Let dry (I turned my pumpkin upside down, so it was sitting on it's stem). FIVE. Cut the extra strip-length from the bottom. 


Since magazines have a million different shades, colors and patterns, every single one of these pumpkins can be completely unique. Make them match your home, stick with a fall theme, or make a silly one using eyes and faces! This can be a fun project for you, or the kiddos!

Will you be decoupaging a little pumpkin this season?