Simple Pumpkins

I love decorating pumpkins, but (let's be honest) carving takes up a lot of time energy and has such a dreaded cleanup. Although I plan on making that happen at least once this season, I love having simple ways to decorate my tiny pumpkins, simply, in the meantime. 

Before Halloween supplies were even out in stores, I found these two great items (for $1 each) at Five Below. The googly eyes are tacks, meant for a bulletin board and the rhinestones are blingy stickers, meant for phones and electronics. Both were perfect for instant pumpkin decorations!

The rhinestones were stuck together in strips. Thank goodness! Individually, that may have not been such a simple task. I added around 10 stripes of rhinestones to the little guy. The second pumpkin took even less time to decorate, as I just stuck in the eyeballs in a diagonal pattern. 

They look great on my fireplace with the rest of the fall decorations!