Teacher Closet: School Spirit

As my sister prepped for her first year teaching, we had to get her "teacher closet" ready for the first semester. Here in Texas, most fall Fridays become "School Spirit" days, where school colors are on everyone. Instead of just wearing a tee shirt and jeans week to week, here's 3 ways to bring out some spirit, fashionably. 


Most school colors include one bright and one neutral. For my sister, the Bears she roots for are orange and black. Since she already has plenty of black clothes, adding a big, bright orange necklace makes for instant spirit wear. 


When she shops for jewelry now, she looks for those bold orange pieces. What would look a little too "Halloween" for normal wear, looks perfect in a pep rally full of orange and black!


Just like buying bold jewelry, having a skirt in the brighter school color certainly dresses up peppy occasions. Pairing this maxi with a neutral gray tank and black mini-cardigan (along with small orange earrings) nearly yells, "Go, Bears, Go!"


The last way to add a little more fashion to your spirit wardrobe is to buy a cardigan in the coordinating school colors. An orange cardigan isn't the easiest to find, but once we got one, it definitely made it easier to dress up any black and white outfit. 

How do you wear your school spirit?