State Fair Day

While we normally take off work for the fair, we thought we'd conveniently use the Monday we had off (and pretty much all local schools had off) to go, instead. Well, that was an all-around terrible idea and will probably never be done again! There were people EVERYwhere. It may have been more crowded than weekends. Regardless, there was fried food to be had and tiny stuffed donuts to be won, so we did have a great time!

The previous two days, I had been down and out with a sore throat (up there with strep pain, but without being totally unbearable). I had mainly just slept on the couch for those two days. Sleep a couple hours, get up to eat some soup and gargle, then go back to sleep for a few hours, repeat. Walking around and standing in the sun at the Fair was an entirely new pace for that made me have to take rest-breaks in the shade a lot. It was also crazy hot and the whole situation took a lot out of me. Basically, I was pathetic! 

That's why you get married, people. When you just can't bare to stand in the sun for your fair food tickets, you have someone willing to do it for you. My hero! 

After we got our tickets, we were on the hunt for a fried cheeseburger. That's really what he wanted to have for lunch and it wasn't listed on the map. Luckily, there's a lot of helpful info areas, where you can ask the kindest people where things are. They pointed us on our way!

I kind of did a State Fair no-no out of convenience. I skipped the LONG (famous) Fletchers' Corny Dog line for a quicker option at another stand - mini corn dogs. Very unTexan of me, but the lines were really long, y'all (super-whiney-voice). They were good, of course...just not Fletchers' good!

We had to go see Big Tex, but there's no way we could have gotten a decent picture with him. I just thought I had seen crowds. EVERYone was gathered at Tex. Plus, the whole selfie-stick ban really put the possibility of a good Big Tex selfie at a disadvantage. Maybe next year!

After lunch and a lot of walking, we spotted our favorite - fried Oreos! Double-stuffed Oreos, I might add. They were delicious as ever. Maybe even more-so because I ate them in the cool air conditioner of the auto show exhibit building. Yes, please!

I think I've mentioned before that I'm not an amusement ride participant and I'm not a big fan of playing the little games...but, just like every year, my husband makes me. Turns out, I was the "big winner" by throwing a ball into a bucket. I only got one of three, so I won the tiniest little stuffed donut. So tiny, I forgot to even grab a photo of it. But, I won nonetheless! 

Have you visited the State Fair of Texas yet? What's your go-to fair food?