Share a Coke with Kathy

To celebrate my Mom's 50th birthday, we planned a party in her honor and surrounded the theme around her favorite colors - white and black. Adding elements from Mom's childhood and lots of friends and family, we had a fantastic time celebrating her 50 years. 

With the Share a Coke campaign being so popular (and my Mom's name being one that's actually on the bottles), we added accents of red and named the party "Share a coke birthday celebration with Kathy."

Dad read her a poem, which he has done as far back as I remember. They're always hilarious and very unique! It announced their upcoming trip to New York City and all the things they will do while vacationing there. 

Trust that if I'm involved in party-planning at all, there will always be a photo booth nearby. It's such a fun was to see who was at an event, besides just signing in. And yes, that is my guest room ULLGUMP rug from IKEA as the backdrop. 

The party was hosted in my Mom's very own high school library. She has been the district librarian since 1999 and we thought it would be a little funny to host it in her second "home!" So, that's why we're surrounded by books. 

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this shindig a success! 

Mom had a great time and it's always fun to see our friends and family get together.