50 Years of Photos

The best part of preparing for my mom's milestone birthday this weekend was going through all her old photos. She has to have been the most photographed kid of the pre-internet/smart-phone era and I'm so thankful for that. These are a few gems that quickly became favorites....especially the first one which looks like an exactly even mixture of my sister and I as kids!

This dress is basically in Forever 21 right now:

She totally would have been a fashion blogger back in the day.
Pictures of all kinds of outfits...we'd have to work on the squinting, though!

She won this gun. Who "wins" guns? 

Falling down a hill = broken ankle. 
She's basically a meteorologist because of those ankle screws!

"Wake up, flawless. Post up, flawless."

Also, these hairstyles: 

I'm so glad I have all these photos of you, mom. Can't wait to keep on going through those photo piles and archiving them for generations to come! 
Hope you've had the happiest of birthdays. Thanks for being my Mom!