2017 Target Valentines Haul

Like it was meant to be, I just so happened to have the day off of work when Valentines Day items hit 90% off at Target yesterday. I normally don't work really hard to seek out the sales after this particular holiday, but because of the perfect timing, I visited three nearby stores. 

I got quite a few items to hang onto for next Valentine's Day, but also a few things that my sister can use as gifts for her teacher friends. I would love to put vinyl names on the little ceramic pencils (I had one more, but it took a tumble onto the concrete) and pink apples as desk decorations. 

There were tons and tons of kids-sized beanies for just thirty cents. Of course, I grabbed all of them because I'll save them up to donate next winter and Christmas. I'm going to need a bigger donation bucket, friends. 

Then, I got some of my favorite items of the day! My friend's little girl is having a Dory/Nemo party next month, so I scored such cool (cheap) items for the party. These little paint buckets are intended to be Valentines mailboxes, but nothing was covered in pink or red hearts, so it can all be used beyond the 14th. I got plenty of stickers and small gift containers as well. 

Hope you all got some fun goodies as well!