2016 Target Easter Haul

Normally I don't do SUCH a large Easter haul at Target, but my better judgement went out the window this weekend when I had to travel 200 miles across Texas. Of course, I mapped out all the Targets that were right off the highway on my route. Unfortunately, since it was only 5 days after Easter, the discounts were only at 70% off items and 50% candy. But, Saturday night when I got back to Dallas, I went over to my favorite Target (yes, I have a favorite one specifically for holiday clearances) and they had the beautiful 90% off. 

As much as I try, I don't like to buy too many things that are Easter-specific. I love finding things I can keep throughout the springtime, or year-round. But, there were some eggs and bunnies this year that I just couldn't NOT put in my basket (Pro-tip: never get a cart, only a basket. Helps me control myself. A little bit). 

My favorite finds are the Spritz crafty supplies! Some will have to be stored until next year, but there are so many things I can use right now. Those chalk markers are perfect for our household chalkboard calendar, I'll chop the "Happy Easter" banner in half to have some "Happy" in my home and all the paint, burlap and ribbons can be used for upcoming DIY projects!

I can't have a holiday haul without stocking up on all kinds of candy for my husband's students. I'm not sure what kind of math games he does with these prizes, but I'm pretty sure his students enjoy this candy as much as I loved hunting for these deals!

Hope you snagged some great deals, if you're an #AllThingsTarget hunter like me!


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