2013 Target Christmas Haul

After the actual "most wonderful time of the year," it's my most wonderful time: Christmas clearance aisles in Target. Last year, I went a little nutso and bought way more than I needed. I tried really hard this year to contain my purchases to things I'll really use, not just buying EVERYthing because it's too cheap to pass up. In the first weekend of January, I browsed 7 local Targets and didn't spend more than $15. I'm patting myself on the back because it was quite a feat not to buy the entire wall of ornaments since they were mere cents. 

Among the purchases I made were: wrapping bows and ribbon, a "joy" banner, stocking hangers, colorful tree topper, his + hers stockings, gift tags, coasters and colorful tea lights. I forgot to picture my 5 new rolls of wrapping paper. I chose solid colors and season-neutral patterns so they can be used year-round. 

It's a little different to holiday shop when you're not sure where your next Christmas will be! We'll move sometime this Summer, so the next holiday season will be spent in a new place. Hopefully these colors will fit right in, wherever we are!

Anyone else have some fun in the holiday clearance aisles?