So, I Got a New Job

Some of you may have noticed in the early days of December, my social media and blogging activity dropped a little…well, dramatically. Guess what peeps? That’s because I have a new job! While I was working from home, I was able to post things whenever I I’m a-workin’ 8:00-5:00 and don’t have so much freebie time during the day.

The Details

I am (finally) putting my Strategic Communications degree to good use (Can you hear my parents singing the “Hallelujah Chorus” from where you are?) and working in the Communications|PR office for a local school district. I am an intern and will be substituting-in once one of my co-workers has her new little one. I’m getting to brush up on my writing skills, take pictures at events, covering really awesome project-based learning opportunities (the way kids get to learn now is really cool) and be a part of education again, which I love.

What I’m Missing

Loungewear: My daily sweats and yoga pants. Ahhh. Those were my usual ootd and they were awesome.

Good Morning America: I used to watch every morning as I got ready for the day. They let me know what all went on in the world overnight and all that wonderful pop culture news. Now, I have to leave right as it comes on, so I feel like I’m missing information (Which is probably good. Too much heavy news can be overwhelmingly depressing).

Bright Red Hair: I’m now a toned-down brunette with “cherry cola,” which isn’t too bad either. I’ve had it in the past and enjoyed how the darkness brings out my blue eyes.

TV All Day: 90’s sitcoms as my “background music.” I haven’t listened to actual songs as I worked, since college. I normally just put on some Netflix marathons. I never even looked up at the screen, I just liked the noise.

Clean Home: The last thing I want to do when I come home now is clean or organize anything (I used to do little things all day long), so it’s been a bit messy lately as I get the hang of this new schedule.

What I’m Loving

Nannying. Yes, I get to keep my nannying job! I'm so glad it fit my schedule perfectly because I am not ready to let those girls go. I feel like their big sister and I'm loving watching them grow each and every day.

Human interaction. Sometimes I’d go an entire week without talking to another person besides my husband (or the Target cashier), so being around people is fun. Plus, my co-workers are awesome. Like, better than I could have ever hoped for. The best.

My own workspace. I have a little desk area with my own work computer. Feels oh so grown-up.

Clothes. I have a reason to wear and buy new dresses. Although panty-hose aren’t the most comfortable things to put on each day, dresses sure are fun.

Morning Commute. I know that's a weird thing to enjoy, but I've never had one before. I had a 2-minute drive during high school and I lived on campus for most of college. Now, I have about a 20-minute drive (traffic permitting) and I love getting my pop-news fix from morning radio shows.

It's one of my goals this year to be proactive about my blog and scheduling posts, so don't count me out, friends! Throughout the weekdays, you'll also see many scheduled tweets and whatnot, just so I can stay relevant, despite my absence. But, know that when quitin' time hits each day, I'll be sure to be tweeting, pinning and gramming.