Halloween Haul

It's my favorite time of year! I love all-things Fall, but I REALLY love when the things of Fall are marked 70% off. That's right, people. 70% off. Halloween is the end of "Fall" according to retail stores and holiday hoarders like myself can get lots of loot, for not a lot of money. My shopping location of choice this year was Target!

I've been filling a tub of Halloween decor over the past few years from these clearance trips. It's so nice to pull it out of storage every Fall, mix and match the decor and liven up the place, knowing it was all really really cheap! Here's a few new pieces I've added to my Halloween collection for the year 2013:

The cutest little jack-o-lantern ever pillow. Original: $13.99, I paid: $4.20

Spooky canvas frames. Original: $7.99 & $4.99, I paid: $2.40 & $1.50

Pumpkin carving kits. Original: $4.00 each I paid: $1.20 each

Probably one of the best things about the days after Halloween is that retail stores also puts all Fall, harvest, Autumn and Thanksgiving supplies on these clearance aisles too. I'm not sure if they realize we still have 3 more weeks of decorating for Fall until Christmas, or not? Oh well! It's our gain.

Little pumpkin candy dish. Original: $2.50 I paid: $1.25

I can't wait to bake some of these Fall treats. All 70% off. 

The single most delicious candy I've ever had in my life: Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses. Original: $3.00 I paid: $1.50

Tiny paper autumn "give thanks" tree: Original: $2.50 I paid: $1.25

And in other news: How good does this little certificate look on our coffee table? Yep! Marriage license is finally in our possession. Only a week and a half to go before I tie the knot :) Fall has been good to me this year.