2016 Target Christmas Haul

I have to admit when I make a Target mistake (as to document and not repeat said mistake). I waited too long to hit up the holiday clearances this year. Bah hum bug. While I wait for 90% off for all other holidays, Christmas is not the time for that. You have to bust a move as soon as it hits 70% off for your favorite-favorite items! That's the rule, friends: bust. a. move. 

70% Off Decor | December 31

I was a couple days too late and probably missed out on quite a bit of the 70% off goodies. My 2 favorite Target stores were extremely picked over by the time I got there! However, I did get some things that I can use now (like coffee, candles and cleaning supplies) along with some decor for next year. 

Method Dish Soap, Candles, Cleaning Spray - The pomegranate scents were considered holiday items. Found them in their regular aisle for $

Starbucks Coffee, Ornaments - Tip from an AllThingsTarget fan, in the Target Starbucks, these holiday items also qualify for the discount.

Dollar Spot Decor - I think these were meant for crafters, but I'm going to keep them as-is next year.

Candles, Candles, Candles - I LOVE these Meyer's Clean Day scents (peppermint + orange clove). They were on a aisle bookend near their regular spot and I found the other two dispersed within the regular candles (oh christmas tree + gingerbread house). 

Red T-Shirts - I got these for my sister and I because they say "Masters in Mistletoe" and I was thinking that meant we were the gurus of Christmas...I mean, we DO have our decor up from Halloween to New Year's Eve. We are the masters of the holiday! When I got home, I realized it's probably just about kissing. Sometimes I don't "get" things at first glance, y'all! Oh well! 

Tiny Bottlebrush Ornaments - I think these are meant to be ornaments, but I’d love to have them on a shelf next year. Anything miniature is cute!

LED Tree Topper - I love the simplicity of this topper, plus the clip is brilliant. I picked this one up for my friend Liz.

Copper Wire Trees - Even if I hadn’t found anything else, I was so happy to find these! I got four total, two smaller and two larger. So excited to display them next year.

Wooden Star Stocking Holders - Love the natural simplicity of these. I got more than two, in case of future pets, children, house guests, etc.

Neon Tree/Deer Figurine - When I saw my friend Megan have this neon light tree, I was crossing my fingers that one would be available during the clearances. Found one! And a little cute gold deer had to be picked up too because of cute.

70% Off Food | January 1 + 2

I think this is Coach's favorite part of my holiday shopping days (and proabbly why he doesn't complain about my long ventures around the DFW and all my Targets). I got him plenty of chocolate, gummies and candies to get him through Valentine's Day!

90% Off Decor | January 2

Again, mistimed this sale too. I've shopped every year on January 3 for the past several years, so I thought they'd stick to that same routine. Nope. It wasn't until the late afternoon of the 2nd when someone posted to the All Things Target FB (shoutout to Jennifer) that one of my nearby stores was 90%. So, definitely missed out on some awesome items earlier that morning (like Threshold furniture), but definitely got my share of good holiday items!

Copper Figurines - I’m aiming to collect some neutral/colorless items for Christmases years in the future. These are perfect for that!

Small Flag Banners - These are perfect little gifts for girlfriends. We all could use some sparkle and gold!

White Trees - These have LED lights and can be used all of winter, not just Christmas.

Tiny Brush Trees - Have you ever seen cuter trees? Could not pass them up. I’ve already lined a few up on my hearth. They are so tiny. So sweet. So cute. 

Stockings - Just a few, right? I got these for my coworkers and I (we plan to all have stockings displayed next year below our tv “fireplace”) and a few are for a couple rooms in my house. 

Star Wars Stockings - Again, these are for our office. We have some fans, to say the least!

Cone Trees + Stickers - May leave these stored for our office too. We’re going to be super festive next year, people!

Ornaments - I kind of picked through and found some ornaments that I’d like to use in future Christmases, including Alexander Hamilton (I think?)...because I WILL see that musical someday!

Banners, House - I'm a sucker for letter banners, so I had to grab these and again, absolutely planning for future Christmas color schemes (or lack therof) with this little wooden house. 

5-Foot Balsam Fir (originally $95) - This may be my best find of all time! Even when we rang it up at the cashier, guest services tried typing in the item code after scanning because they just couldn't believe what I was paying for it...which was $9.50! It was a display item, so it doesn't have a box, but it HAD to come with me. #ChristmasTreesForAllTheRooms

For these items, I shopped at Frisco (Plano Pkwy), Plano (Dallas Pkwy) and Dallas (635). Check out what other Target-lovers across the nation are finding in their holiday clearance aisles at All Things Target!