A Cozy New Year

I hope this finds you all settling into 2017 with a positive and peaceful mindset. I know we're all ready to take on the year with high hopes, big goals and great intentions.

Coach and I have spent the holiday weekend in the most low-key ways possible. It has involved a lot of Netflix, warm blankets, our favorite breakfast foods, some video gaming (him) and some Target clearance shopping/scouting (me). I've also been busy filling pages of notes with blog brainstorming and post ideas. If I had to exclaim any goal for this new year, it's going to be making this space mine again. This past year, it's been a challenge for me to get into the swing of having a full-time job and not feeling like blogging was a battle. I never seemed to truly make time for it. That's something I want to change this go around. 


While so many of you are sharing your inspirational words for the year, I didn't think I'd have one, then it hit me this afternoon - Cozy. Cozy is my word. It's a weird one to represent a year, right? Hear me out. 

Cozy (kōzeē) 1. giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation. "a cozy cabin tucked away in the trees" synonyms: snug, comfortable, warm, homelike, homey, homely, welcoming

This year, I want more people to feel comfortable with me and I want to feel comfortable around others. I want to drop some of my usual (secret) social anxieties and enjoy those times more than I have before. Even the awkward grocery store small talks. I want to enjoy them too. For me, this may involve a few drops of essential oil + a dash of bravery, but I want to get there. 

I want my blog space to be a place of relaxation and inspiration again. I want this and all my social media to represent me, not just some sort of blogging idea I'm striving to live up to. There's only one me. My blog should reflect me. 

I want to continue getting rid of things that are unnecessary. I want neutral clothes. I want to have less clothes. I want to donate items and not fill that void back up with new stuff. I want all my things to bring joy or be useful - bonus points if it does both. I want warm and cheerful things in my home that make me feel refreshed and at ease. 

Speaking of home, we may be looking for a house to call home this year. Yeah, adulting and stuff. What a big change that will be! No matter what that place ends up looking like, I'll want it to be filled with coziness too. Cozniess and no more beige walls, ammiright?

I can't wait to read some of your words and goals for this new year.

May it be a cozy 2017 for you too.