When Moving Out

1. Your apartment walls look absolutely terrible, especially if you run out of primer in the middle of a painting session. You know, we'll get some more primer sometime soon. Until then, I'm calling this a "rustic" mess. 

2. There are random piles of cleaning supplies in the kitchen, living room and bedrooms. Might as well leave it all out because if you get the urge to mark something off the "to clean" list, you don't want to waste any time looking for the chemicals. 

3. Your trash can is overflowing with many different things, most of which are fast food wrappers. When there is no food left in the place, where else are you going to eat?

4. You realize the amount of dishes you've collected throughout your 2-year stay. This is just ONE roommate's pile. My cup collection was probably even bigger.

5. There is no food left to eat. And who wants to go buy groceries when you only have a mere 15 days left? No one. So, I guess we'll be starving or chomping on fast food (see number 3) for the next 2 weeks. 

Big thanks to my best friend/roomie/blogger Crystal for hashing out some of our cleaning list this week & always helping me paint. Really sad I won't be living with her anymore after this month!