Four More Months

Four short months from today, (at this exact time), Coach and his groomsmen should be headed down the aisle as I wait at the back of our venue, with my bridesmaids and Dad. Four months from today, my last name will change and an M-R-S will be added to the front. 

I am so very excited for these four months to pass on by. 

I haven't thought about "wedding stuff" in a week or two. That may make me a bad/unorganized bride. Whatevs!

The venue is ours, photographer found, the dj deposit is in, gown is bought, honeymoon is booked, premarital counseling sessions are planned and the decor ideas are pretty much set. Plus, our wedding website is up and running and that's my favorite part!

I guess I really have a lot of the little things left to do, but I'm not stressing out about it. I have released my inner Bridezilla and she's gone for good! I've decided to be a little more like my fiance: "It'll all fall into place," he says. Thank goodness for him. He keeps me stress-free and I may just enjoy these next 4 months :)