Moving Trials

This post is all about my fiancé moving out of his apartment, but I figured I'd start off with some lovely pictures of this precious little one. This is our friend's niece. She was our entertainment as we started the process of shuffling boxes and loading furniture this weekend. Her little smile lit up the room!

Moving has to be one of the single most grueling process any couple can go through. Add in this 100+ degree Texas heat & you've got a maddening combination. Fiance's lease was up this weekend, so we had to work fast. We rented a UHAUL to help us scatter his things throughout DFW & East Texas.

The weekend went like this: Pack things in apartment, load things into UHAUL, drive 2.5 hours, unload things at my parent's house, drive 1.5 hours, unload things at Fiance's temporary home, drive half an hour back to apartment, load more things into cars, clean apartment, turn in keys. 

This kind of chaos happens when your wedding date doesn't coincide with your lease expirations and you don't want to live together before saying "I do." Take note nearly-engaged people: Plan ahead. 

I nearly broke my pinky toe, bruised my back and bumped my head during the East Texas unloading process. I was one tired girl after it was all said and done. Tired and sweaty and gross! Since my sister and I no longer live at our parent's house, our childhood bedrooms are temporarily being used as storage units for our things. They are so packed out that they truly look like scenes from A&E's Hoarders

After driving back to Northern DFW, we scrubbed down the apartment before handing in the keys. I can't say it ended up being spotless, but everything was out..and after our whirlwind weekend, that was good enough for us. 

I tried to use my skills to encourage people to take some of our "free" items we no-longer need. Hopefully somebody will pick them up from near the dumpster. I would, just because of the notes :)

It was really bittersweet when the door was finally shut and locked for the last time. They've lived together for over 2 years now, so it's sad to see it end. Can't wait until Steven gets his new apartment in a month. I foresee many upcoming video-game/movie nights with us three and I'm looking forward to them! (And by "video games" I mean the boys playing them while I sit in the same room and pin on Pinterest).