Independence Day

For the past few years I've spent 4th of July away from my family because I was busy taking summer classes at UNT. This year Coach and I were finally free to go hang out with them for the holiday. We all decided to be super cheesy and wear the red, white and blue. Check out how American we are :)

I feel like I get shorter every year..I need to start bringing a ladder to stand on.

We had a great day filled with yummy food and fun games. We played croquet (Why yes, I was the champion) and my parents taught the boys to play horseshoes while my sister and I hung out in the pool. 

Later that night, Coach & I played with Sparklers in the backyard. It took us quite a few tries, but we finally got some pictures of what looks like words and doodles, even if we missed a few letters here and there.

Hope you all had a great holiday with your friends and family :)