The Walls Won't Tell You

Dear new residents of 734,

When you walk into your new home today, you'll see tons of empty spaces, spotless appliances and clean white walls (I cleaned a lot for you before I left). Before you fill these rooms with your own belongings, I thought I'd fill you in on some of the things that these walls won't tell you.

They won't tell you this apartment was known as "The Blue Light" for 2 years, but it was. One of the first things we did when we moved in was change the bulb in our porch light. I randomly bought blue and there it stayed. We won't mind if you keep this tradition going. I'd love to see a blue light on if I ever drive by.

They won't tell you that they were once painted a pale green color. Blue accents with those green walls were the first look of The Blue Light's living room, fit for the four girls ready to break free from the stagnant walls of dorm life. 

They won't let you know about the constant decorating and celebrating each and every holiday season brought us. From Halloween pumpkins to Christmas parties to Valentine's girl's nights, we made sure to celebrate. 

They won't say much about the balloons that were inflated or the cupcakes and cakes that were baked (and bought), but there were plenty. Our 20th, 21st and 22nd birthdays were all celebrated here.

They probably won't tell you about the time that we nearly ate 100 Buffalo Wild Wings in one night, but we certainly did. (Actually, thank goodness the walls can't talk because they may tell you about the DQ Blizzards, Sonic shakes, Mcdonalds fries and cakes that were consumed here. And, that may just be plain embarrassing. 

The living room walls won't tell you how they have been painted 3 different colors in the past two years, but they were. After a year of mint green, deep red was their new look. Red is the color it stayed for over a year until move-out required a fresh coat of white. 

Although they may want to, they won't say anything about the crazy parties that were thrown. Okay, there was only one party. However, it just has to be one of the best black light parties you've ever seen.

They probably won't talk about the time we were trapped inside for an entire week as a small Texas blizzard rolled through. No school. No driving. Just tons of laughter, fun and stir-craziness. 

They won't tell you about all of the friends that stepped through that front door. They came to talk, to laugh, to study, to watch awards shows (or Pretty Little Liars) and sometimes even to cry. 

No, these walls probably won't ever tell you any stories about the past, but I want you to know that we were here. This was our home. We loved The Blue Light and we hope you will love it too. Perhaps you can have just as many memories in it as we did. 

Although, we are a tough act to follow.

- A 2-Year 734 Resident


The best places for the beds are in the room's nook (except poor B, where it doesn't fit). A bed in the nook gives your room the most space. 

The dining area looks huge when the table is pushed against the wall and the living room changes dramatically when the coffee table is set aside. Remember that!

Bedrooms D and C get really hot in the Summer and really cold in the winter. Have A & B shut their bedroom vents (and everyone shut their bathroom ones) and the air should even out nicely!