Geometry Classroom

If you've been following my Instagram, you've seen plenty of play-by-play of my fiancé's big week. He's been working all Summer to become a teacher and the first day of school finally arrived on Monday...well, actually let's back up a week....

We got a key to his room and got to DECORATE all last week. I've got a few years of experience in this (my parents have been educators since I was born) so I was super excited to get started. 

Although it looks like it, he didn't have to do all the dirty work by himself. I promise I did help too...he just didn't photograph it!

His desk was complete with a "P" sticky-note set, a rubik's cube & a giant Batman eraser.

After a few days and a LOT of work, the classroom finally started looking a little more colorful & much more friendly! Here's a couple of before-and-afters:

I'm sure he made quite a few changes after I left for the last time. I may have to get some updated pictures sometime soon. Okay, back to the first day of school...

I found some cute "number" cookies in WalMart (how perfect for a math teacher?). I hid them in his laptop bag, along with a little note from me to keep him motivated. 

Right before he left, I made him pose with a sign as if he was going to his first day of Kindergarten... Have I mentioned that I love that this man puts up with shenanigans like taking pictures in the road at 7:00am? He didn't even protest it, just asked us to "get this over with."

And then he was off to school. I waited around all day to get that call: He had a great day! He's got a few things to get used to (like teaching the same lesson 5 different times in one day), but I'm sure it won't take him long to get used to it all. I'm so proud of my teacher-future-husband. He's going to be awesome at this!