Fab Five Reunion

In high school, I was lucky enough to call a lot of people "friends," but there were 5 of us girls who just became a little bit closer (probably because of our extensive basketball practices together). We named ourselves The Fab Five and it's stayed that way ever since. 

This weekend, we got together for dinner. It's a really rare occurrence for all 5 of us to be in East Texas at the same time, so we knew we shouldn't miss this opportunity! Between the five of us: 3 are wives, 1 is about to be a Mommy, 2 are recent graduates, 2 are married to Marines, 3 still live in Texas and all 5 of us still love each other!

My mom suggested we have a sleepover at my house, just like old times. Hopefully we can do that pretty soon before anyone leaves the area. We'll definitely be making a replica of my 16th birthday cake (pictured above), just because it was the single greatest cake of all time. 

I hope we've inspired you to get-together with your old friends. Catching up is so much fun and it's really easy to go back in time...all the best memories come flooding back. It was beautiful.