Sorting + Cleaning

If you'll remember, my fiancé & I have both moved all of our belongings to my childhood home since we both moved out of our apartments. He's now living with his long-time friend in DFW & I moved home to my parents. I could only stand to look at this unorganized mess for a bit!

Last week, this is what my room looked like. 

It took me a while (I'm part-hoarder, so it takes me some time to go through everything), but my sister was around to help guide me! Now I have things organized into areas: trash, sell online, wedding, Coach's belongings, my belongings and the things I'll need to use in the next few months. Finally, I was able to see the actual bedroom that was underneath all that mess.

So now, a lot of the stuff is in my sister's old bedroom. However, she's not living there, so I'm calling it my extra-large, giant "walk-in closet" for now!