"You're Getting Fat"

My fiancé and I haven't seen each other in 2 weeks (can November 18th hurry up, so I can marry and move in with this guy, please?). Anyway, he drove the 2 hours to come visit me for one day, this Saturday :) Wooh!

I was trying to clean up the house and fix my hair and such when I heard him honk outside! Hooray, he was here! I rushed outside, no shoes, stickers all in the grass, didn't care.

We hug. We grab his luggage, laptop and such. We say how much we miss each other.

Then it happened...we were walking towards the house and I hear him say,

"You look like you're getting fat!"

WHAT? I turned around so fast with a look of terror and sadness in my eyes. Who was this guy? He's never said one mean thing to me, but now 2 months before our wedding he wants to tell me how he really feels, huh? Not even "gaining some weight," just went ahead and called it "FAT!" I literally almost teared up in this 1.5-second time period....

When I turned around, I realized he was talking to my parent's CAT who was sitting like a human on the porch...

Then it was hilarious and relieving. We laughed and laughed and retold the story that evening at an engagement party we attended. I just had to share.

Men beware. Don't ever, ever say "You" and "Fat" in the same sentence near your girl :D

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