Homecoming Mum

It was homecoming week in my hometown! As a substitute teacher, I got to participate in some of the fun dress up days and competitions throughout the week. 

Another fun moment for me was when Jaci, one of my oldest friends and bridesmaids, asked me to make her senior mum for her! I went right to Michaels, got some supplies and got to gluing and stapling. 

I stuck with white and silver because it's volleyball season and that's her sport. I used a great leopard print ribbon as the top frame and volleyball accessories throughout the entire piece (with a few footballs and noise-makers here and there, of course). 

After finishing the top, I didn't want to just glue on a "senior" piece like one would usually do. I found some fun-patterned wooden letters and painted them black. I glued them right in the center of the mum/flower. 

I was so excited to show her! When I did, I think she loved it. Homecoming success :)

Did I mention how my mum must have been a little bit of a "good luck" charm? Jaci was voted homecoming queen by her classmates. You know, besides the fact that she is awesome and loved by many and absolutely beautiful, my mum probably was the trick that did it :D

 I love my Jaci. So proud of her and all her accomplishments so far this year. Glad I got to be around this Fall to cheer her on! :)