Our First Home

The fiancé and I have been looking for quite a while, but are finally in the process of signing a lease for our first place together. We found a quaint little apartment only 20 minutes from his job. He'll move in sometime in October and I'll move in after our honeymoon in November. 

I am so stoked to decorate my own place. With a lot of roommates, you never can do exactly what you want, but all I have to do now is convince one person...Coach (and he will have an opinion, but he's seen my visions come to life before and I think he'll let me go with it!) 

The downsides to this apartment: no office/den/study area, no room for a dining table, washer and dryer are not included (although the hookups will be there).

The upsides to this place: the city we want to live in, good apartment community, large living room, huge walk-in closet, tons of closet-storage space (for all my junk, as Coach said), cable is included in the rent, big porch/balcony, we can paint all the walls we want & the large washer/dryer room may become a walk-in pantry (or office) if I can make it work!

Stay tuned, y'all. Lots of DIY and interior design posts will be coming later this Fall!