First Home Tour

I've been having so much fun decorating our first home together over the past few months. I only have 775 sq. ft. to work with and I'm trying to get the most out of every little foot. Sometimes living the apartment life, you have to get a little creative. There's no dining area, so we use our living room coffee table or balcony. We have a large laundry room, but no washer and dryer + no pantry space or office; therefor, the laundry room has become both a pantry and an office'll see! Here we go, this is our home (forgive some of the iphone photos...I'm currently searching for a lost memory card where I took "real" pictures...bummer). 

The Living Room:

 Honestly, if Uncle Brent hadn't have given us his old living room set and Justin hadn't given us the coffee table (thank you, thank you, thank you), we probably would still be without furniture  so a least we have some great things in the room!

I'm just having some real trouble with the color-direction of this room. It's looking a little "blah" for my taste and as my husband said one afternoon, "I just feel like I'm at grandma's house." Since the couches are brown, I thought keeping more browns and golds throughout would be fine, but it's just not working out. I basically just threw that Whataburger blanket over the couch just so SOMEthing would be a different color. 

In the beginning, I didn't think blacks and grays, as accents, were on option because of the brown, but after seeing a living room from

Bliss-At Home

, I see that it's possible. So, stay tuned for big changes to this room in the future. 

I saved some old shutters from a home being sold near my parent's house around a year and a half ago. 

I spray painted this one gold, nailed it in the hallway and filled it with pictures. I like having a unique picture display. 

Move-in Day and Now:

The Kitchen:

Definitely my favorite room in the house at the moment. The kitchen used to have

a lot of green tones

and looked fine, but after seeing a blog post from


of a gorgeous Kate Spade store, I was inspired. I decided I wanted the black and white stripes to contrast bright colors and gold shimmer, so I made it happen. I used SOFIA fabric from IKEA for the wall and scrapbook paper brought in the other color pops (and glitter) to the cabinets. My latest addition was the pinwheels in bottles (from some of my wedding centerpieces) and my husband didn't even complain about the pink one! Yah!

I found a really cool chevron gold washi tape from Michaels, so I placed it onto the shelves (and the microwave). 

It added just the little "something-something" I wanted. A little more gold never hurt, right?

I created this garland with scrapbook paper, a circle punch and tacky glue. 

This chalkboard was once an old dry erase board, but it turned into this after 

some spray paint magic


Move-in Day and Now:

The Bedroom:

The best part about creating an all-neutral bedroom (black, white, gray) is that we can interchange throw pillows and create a whole new look. Right now it's red and black, but I may "Spring" it up some with orange and teal soon. Either way, I know it will work!

You can see how I created the above-the-bed wall art



Move-in Day and Now:

The Bathroom:

Not a whole lot to see here. We registered for light blue towels and white soap dishes before we even had an apartment. After finding the shower curtain at IKEA and the typography canvas at Marshall's, I think it was enough to come together. 

Move-in Day and Now:

The Laundry Room (Turned Pantry|Office):

The office was a place Montrell and I planned on sharing, but after realizing the last thing he wanted to do after teaching all day was go into a closet with no windows and sit at a desk, I kicked him out and made it my and pretty. It's still a work in progress right now, but it's getting there. 

Move-in Day and Now:

The pantry was one of the first things I created since the kitchen was way to small for food storage. 

You can see how I created my own walk-in pantry


Move-in Day and Now:

The Balcony:

This is one of the most recently-renovated placed in our place. See all the details



There's plenty to keep on working on, but this is it for now. Our first home.