Wedding Packing

On my wedding day, we had a little less than 2 hours to decorate in a very short amount of time because of our hour limitations on our venue rental (total of 8 hours for decorating, ceremony, reception and cleanup). Adding to the setup situation, all the wedding supplies were created and located at my parent's home, 2 hours from the venue. There had to be a lot of preparation for all the pieces to fall into place.

For the 18 circular tables for our reception, my Mom and I prepared the setups in her living room a couple of weeks beforehand. Making piles of 18, we divvied out the plates, utensils, napkins, reception programs, favors, balloons, and coffee mug with candles. It really took a while to separate everything for so many tables, but very worth it.

Once all of the piles were created, we checked and double-checked before packing any more. 

Using old grocery bags, we carefully packed each table to make sure it would be a lot easier on the big day. 

All of our volunteers grabbed a bag of supplies at the venue and worked on a table each until they were all done. 

We could not have pulled off setting up an entire wedding in a couple of hours without the help of our awesome wedding party, family and friends. It was a little hectic at moments, but everything turned out beautifully and I'm so thankful for those that were there to help us that day.