Our Wedding Day

The goal of our wedding day {you know, besides the obvious legal & lovey dovey reasons} was for us, our family & our friends to have a fun time of celebration. We didn't want to incorporate anything 'wedding-y', just because it was required by the imaginary wedding laws we all must follow. We wanted our day to be about us. Young, fun, casual, laid-back us. So, that's what we did! We threw a celebration in a city named "Dallas" & this is how it went:

We chose to see each other before the wedding in the form of a "First Look" photo shoot. We kind of like each other, so we wanted to spend our wedding day together...not ducking + hiding. I love having these pictures. I gave him one big hug before he was allowed to turn around. Great memory to have captured!

Our wedding party was so great. We must have picked some good friends :) They didn't all know each other, but you wouldn't have known it. We all had a great time taking pictures and having fun together. We love them all so much. Definitely could not have chosen better people to be surrounded by on our big day. 

I began crying as I walked the aisle and didn't stop until we finally said, "We Do." {Yes, we really said, "we" instead of "I." Luckily, my mom gave Montrell a tissue for his pocket before the ceremony. He handed it to me during my crying fit, which made me bawl even more. But, what did I expect? I cry during commercials.

After all of the family pictures and a mini couples shoot on the roof (where there is a perfect view of the Dallas skyline), it was time to head to our reception. There was Whataburger biscuits, breakfast foods and lots of dancing. 

We changed into our exit clothes and got to walk through a tunnel of sparklers on our way out to our hotel for the night.

Thank you to everyone who made our day special. We had so many family and friends volunteering to shop, garage sale browse, decorate, run errands, and doing so many other things behind the scenes. You are all so awesome and I hope we've gotten around to thanking you individually!

Our vendors: 

Venue: Lofty Spaces | Photography: Lisa Francis Photography | DJ: DJ Connection | Guy's Clothing: Express | Bow ties: Men's Warehouse | Guy's Shoes: Vans | Girl's Dresses: Various Ross' | Girl's Shoes: TOMS | Cakes: Delia's Bakery | Main food: Whataburger | Other foods: Sam's Club | Exit Clothes: Target & Wedding Chicks