A Shattered Ornament

This year is our first Christmas living together and I new I wanted to begin the tradition of buying an ornament each year to add to our tree. While we were on our honeymoon, we found all kinds of hand-painted ornaments in Cancun and we figured, this could be it! We picked out our favorite, bought it for around $5.00 and the lady wrapped it in newspaper. If you follow my instagram, you saw what happened to it after Montrell dropped the bag it was in on the way back to the ship :| What a great start to our first holiday tradition! 

Anyway, 2 weeks later I got out my crushed little pottery ball, some nail glue and got to work. 


First I used the nail glue to put half of it back together. I realized this probably wasn't the best way to fuse pottery together, so I did what anyone with no patience would do...busted out the duct tape. 


Those small pieces of tape really helped hold the pieces together long enough for the glue to dry. I ended up having a lot of extra pieces of pottery and a hole in the ornament. I decided it's perfect. That little hole will remind of us of what happened less than 10 min. after we bought our first-ever Christmas ornament together. 


It's finally up on our tree. Our first ornament. 
Little things like that keep reminding me that this is all really real.

We're married!