Honeymoon Cruising

I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting on my wedding photos to come in. I think I may still have 2 more weeks to wait, which is killing me. I feel like my day was such a whirlwind, I can't wait to relive it again through the lens of my photographer. This waiting means all my wedding DIY posts may be postponed until January...I know! They'll be worth the wait, promise :)

For now, I'll take you through some of our honeymoon cruise. We spent our wedding night at the NYLO hotel in Dallas, then got up the next morning for a 5-hour drive to Galveston, Texas. The trip didn't even seem to take very long. Must be a "love" thing or something!

Our ship was the Carnival Triumph. It had several pools, hot tubs, water slide, jumbotron, putt-putt golf, basketball, ping pong tables, arcade, casino and plenty of other fun places to go. 

This was Coach's first cruise, so the food quantity was something he loved. Delicious food at all times of the day, yes please! I think he probably enjoyed all the desserts the most. Sweets-heaven. 

In signature cruise-fashion we loved taking pictures with our towel-animals each evening. We even learned to make a few during a learning-lesson on the ship. We definitely weren't as good at it as our housekeepers, but it was fun to try!

Looking out each morning and seeing only the ocean is such a calming feeling to me. Luckily, neither of us ever felt sea-sick, so we got to really enjoy being on the water. The "landscape" (or lack-thereof) certainly made for some beautiful sunsets, that's for sure. 

Our little room was just the right size. Next time we may opt for a window or balcony, but with so much to do on the ship, you're not really in your rooms a whole lot. 

Looks fun, huh? If you're looking to book a cruise for yourself, my uncle is a cruise consultant! He'll find you exactly what you're looking for, so check him out HERE.