Surprise Mini-Shower

A week ago I spent the entire day shopping and getting a little pampered (my toes were in much need of a pedi!) with my Mom, sister, 2nd Mom & 2nd sister. I shopped until I nearly dropped. When we got home, I was expecting to get ready for a dinner with high school friends. To my surprise, they were there at my house! My house was all decorated up and there were sweets galore. Basically, it was a surprise mini-bridal-shower/sleepover. Way fun!

Did I mention the sweets? Y'all, these Yums (from Brookshires) are so awesome. They come in all flavors and are way yummy!

Because my parent's oven is ridiculously old, my friends accidentally made the pizza a little extra-crispy. Ha...As in, nearly set the house on fire. Apparently smoke went everywhere, but they aired it out in enough time for my arrival :D (We went and picked up another pizza later!)

They got me some great gifts from my registry at Target :) Now we have our first few new things to put in our new apartment. Yah!

After gifts, we had a great time watching scary movies (and by "watching" I mean covering my eyes and ears half of the time) and eating tons and tons of delicious foods and treats. 

Thank you all so much. It was a great surprise!