Lumberjack + Jill Shower

This is probably the most fun I've ever had party-planning. My mom and I, along with several ladies hosted a couples shower for my soon-to-be-married long-time childhood friends. "Lumberjack" is a nickname she gave him years ago, so when my Mom and I saw this shower on Pinterest, we were inspired! Once I designed the invites, the theme was set. We were on the search for any and all things plaid, pine and burlap!

The Sunday School room we used for the shower had these really great cabinets and shelves. The dark colors worked so well and when the plaid was tacked to the wall, it changed the look of the whole room. 

For each table, we draped brown packing paper across and taped it underneath. Then, we added round tree stumps (cut from an actual tree), faux sunflowers and white daisies, paper hearts and mason jars with tea lights. 

For the shleves, we framed pictures of the couple with paper-mache frames from Michaels. Borrowing from my wedding, we also placed tin cans & milk bottles. Red candles helped add some color, coordinating with the cups & accents. 

One of my favorite foods we served were smores-on-a-stick. They're so easy! Place a big marshmallow on a stick, dip it in melted chocolate & roll it in crushed graham crackers. This is now my go-to dessert for future parties! Loved them. 

I made special tags for each of our food and drink items. "Uncle Si's Sweet Tea" was my personal favorite!

Nathan got plenty of manly gifts: flashlight, weed eater, fish fryer, duct tape. What more could a lumberjack ask for?

With this fun theme, we HAD to have a photo booth. Using props from my wedding, a quilt made of my Mom's childhood clothing, an ipad, a music stand and the best photo booth app, picibooth, we made it happen...makeshift, or not! After the even was over, I added a special label to each picture before sharing them online. The photo booth was truly a hit! 

The bride had the most precious expression on her face while he was giving his "Thank You" speech. This, people, is what love looks like after 10+ years of friendship. I'm so glad they finally found their way to each more than friends!

Since I consider him a brother, I'm so excited to be adding her to my family too. I've been looking up to her since I was a little frizzy-headed Middle-Schooler who hadn't yet discovered hair gel. I can't wait for their big day! It's going to be such a fun celebration. Can't wait!